Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving Week Fun

These few pictures show just some of the fun I had during Thanksgiving week! I'll refer to this young man as: LMH
His mantra is: Let Me Help!
He loves to fix things, cook things and help in general! Wow! I'd like to keep him around!
The lovely young lady to his left is his Auntie Sarah.
This little munchkin I'll call: AFT
Angel Faced Trouble (with a capitol "T") (I think his mother came up with that moniker.)
Early one morning he was sitting with his Dad and me on the couch when he nearly clocked his Dad with a metal toy tuck. Fortunately his Dad's lightening speed (Kendo and Tae Kwon Do trained) response saved him a nasty head wound!
Big Sister, otherwise known as: PPG (No. Not some kind of Plexi Glass! But, Princess Pony Girl, you ninny!) Wanted to share the love by helping little brother, AFT, have a go at the rocking horse Great Granddaddy built for their Mom and her siblings many years ago. As you can see, AFT's having quite an enjoyable ride.
Gotta love the smiles! Grandkids are good for Grandparents.

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