Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Outta Gas

Yep. I've run outta gas. And my brain doesn't work well either. I've come to the conclusion that being 60 and running after 2 year olds for hours on end might be good for aerobic exercise and all the attendant benefits, but seriously, my clock seems to be losing power somewhere along the trail.

Since last post a plethora of things have occurred. I'm not sure I can remember them in detail, or even in sequence, but I'm now totally outta my league. At the age where some folks used to think about getting off the merry-go-round and settling down to retirement is so far removed from my reality . . . Maybe I'm just winded!?!

I love watching my grandson that's 2. He counts his toes, cars, blocks, correctly identifies shapes and colors and is the sweetest of little guys--till he feels thwarted in some form or fashion--and if you're familiar with the movie The Incredibles, you'll know why the picture of Jack-Jack might come to mind. For a pint-sized person, he's got more stamina, grit and energy that the law should allow! He's without fear, and nearly impervious to pain. And no fat, just muscle--except in his fat little cheeks.) But his little face is so precious and sweet, his voice matches, and he gives sweet kisses and hugs . . . it's just hard to reconcile with his "other side" sometimes!

His older siblings have their good and bad sides, too. (Don't we all?) And they are a joy to behold--most of the time. I just need to find some really good ear plugs. They're so exuberant that what they say often explodes from their young throats. Of course, I could tell you that I, myself, was often spoken of as "very shy" in my early years--up to maybe the age of 15 or 16--(backward would probably more closely describe me then) but I remember the multiple, multiple times I was warned by my parents that I was being "too loud"! And to "Quiet down!" I guess those of us who have joy in living and an excitement about our daily discoveries can be a little overwhelming for those not in the same place. At the same time, why does diminishing hearing not kick in when it's most needed for myself and others who are past 60? I still say--as I did when my children were much younger: someone needs to invent a volume control--complete with a parental remote control device; oh, and add a speed control (for those fast little legs they have) as well.

Okay. I'm not going to weigh you down with the myriad other things in our basket at this time. Heaven forbid I should bore you, right?

I'm going to bed. I'm tired, pooped, well . . . yeah. Outta gas. Pfsssssssssssssssst. " 'Nite, ya'll."