Monday, May 28, 2012

'Bout Time I 'Fessed Up

Truth is, I've been MIA in BlogWorld because husband and I have been working like dogs to get our house and belongings ready for a big move.  We've taken tons of stuff to Goodwill, given other stuff to friends, and our children, and put a variety of antiques and other collectibles up for sale.  We have packed and cleaned and fixed things until we dropped exhausted into bed at night after a multitude of 18 hour days.  When you get into your 60's you find your strength and stamina somehow diminished!  Who would have thunk it?

And then there's all the emotions that you put on hold because you know leaving the home you raised your children in and so many, many dear friends and memories.  Sunday, yesterday, opened the floodgates.  Words of love and sadness were expressed over and over and tears flowed and overwhelmed me.

By this coming Saturday all of our household goods should be packed and loaded ready for pickup on Monday.  Then the finite cleaning will commence, the car and truck will be loaded with what we'll be using to live on/with for the week or two those household goods will be in storage/transit.

At the conclusion of the move we will be much closer to one daughter and three of our grandchildren and a majority of my brothers/sisters and their families. It will take some readjusting after having lived in Louisiana for nearly 30 years to be back in the mountains of Utah!  When we get settled I'll try to be more diligent(?) in keeping something on this post.