Thursday, October 22, 2009

Time Warped

Ever have one of those experiences where time just didn't feel right? You know, like you felt this sense of deja vous where you were sure you were repeating the same experience. Erie. Or the week that dragged on for what seemed like a millennium? I suppose everyone's had the "dreaded Monday" kind of days--always coming too early and the eagerly anticipated Friday's that always seem to come too late.

Parents often have the sense that time has collapsed when they watch their baby (of what seems like two weeks previous having entered this world) marching to their high school or college graduation, or better yet, down the isle toward a waiting groom!!! How can those things happen so quickly? Where does the time go? Why does time play tricks on us?

Like last Friday, October 16. My baby (10 years my junior) sister's 51st birthday. For crying out loud! How did that happen? It was just a couple of months ago that our oldest brother (3+ years my junior) rescued her from cutting her pinky toe on my bicycle's chain guard when she was only 4. (She'd been warned repeatedly to not try to ride my BIG bike.) She was freaking out because she saw how profusely her little toe was hemorrhaging. It was a minor cut and easily bandaged. But that was just not that long ago, ya know?

Nonetheless, last Friday didn't FEEL like a Friday. So much had happened during that week! I wasn't prepared for it to be Friday already--except for the fact that it was "date night" for Grandpa and Grandma. Whew! Just like that, it felt great that it was a Friday night.

But Tuesday, just the day before yesterday, I promise you it seemed like the lost Friday from last week. *Scratching head*

So how does that happen? Any clues?

How does time warp for you? Or, doesn't it? *sigh*

Well, I'll just ponder and pray I don't get caught in the wrong day/night anytime soon. Pray I'm prepared (and lucid enough) to handle whatever day it is or seems to be without freaking out too much!