Friday, October 24, 2008

Barnes and Noble? Maybe Not.

We went on a trip. We saw lots of cool barns--and countryside. Here are some pictures we took of SOME of the barns we saw.

I just love this barn!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Going to See the Grandchildren

Lots has been happening. Lots of prayers have been said. Some seem to be being answered. We'll see. God has His own time frame and we often don't understand it.

HOWEVER! How things turn out is partly in our hands and partly in His. We will trust in His grace to guide, direct, protect, help, etc. as we work our best to do His will to the best of our understanding. (We always have much room for improvement in that area.)

But, we are going to see the grandchildren tomorrow! Can't wait! They're in a new location, state, town, environment, etc. Son-in-law says the hardwood trees are in splendorous color and we should really enjoy the drive. We're looking forward to that as well.

I made a lot of "picture cards" which my daughter will help (or do because I might get in the way) laminate so I can play games with the children. I've thought that matching cards of things that go together might be kind of fun. I have a picture of a house and one of their family. I have a picture of our house and individual pictures of their family and ours. And a lot of other pictures, as well. Like one of a tablet and one of a pencil (can you tell why that might be? Big surprise, I'm sure!) One of a spoon and one of a bowl of gumbo. I'm sure it's easy to figure out for us BIG kids.

The next game I thought of entails the children picking several cards and then telling us a story using the various chosen cards. I hope it will work and be fun for them. I love telling stories and listening to those that others tell as well. There should be plenty of pictures to choose from--I have about 80 or 90!

If it all goes well, I'll report back. If it doesn't, I might report back anyway!

Friday, October 3, 2008

How About This? What's in the Box?

I love the "comments" that have been added to the story thus far! I should probably have allowed more than "one or two lines" from each participant . . . BB and Jeannie have peaked my interest in where they might have been leading us! So, from now on, if you have more to add than "a line or two" feel free" to do so. AND, additionally, I should have mentioned, you can add on more than once, if you feel so inspired/inclined.
Of particular note: Those who visit (lurk), we won't be biting any one's head off if you contribute your fun continuation of this story. In fact, it would be really great to hear from you and learn where your imagination might take us! Thanks in advance to all who have and will contribute to this story. I'll be adding a bit now and then, meself!
Bush Babe at Granite Glen gave me a great idea the other day. She had a contest to guess what a woman was doing in a particular "mystery" photo she included in her post. I thought that might be fun, so I scrolled through the answers already in the "comments" and was inspired by Debby's response (of Life's Funny Like That) and took my lead from her.

That reminded me of an experience I had as a YOUNG teenager at a Church youth activity many, many long years ago. Some adult leader gave us a topic, which I thought was stupid. Yes. I still remember it. It was: Why should or shouldn't you campaign to have your pajamas color coordinated with your bedroom? I don't, however, remember all the rules of the game, but I do remember being rather wild in my defense of matching decor/pj's. AND I do remember having fun. I also remember lots of folks laughing as I launched into my ridiculous rational as to why one should match such silly things. I think I cited things like purple polka dotted pj's clashing with green striped walls, or some other nonsense, as sound reason to need to coordinate such items and avoid nightmares.

So, here are my parameters:

I'll begin the "Story line" and you, whoever you story tellers might be, get to add a line or two to get the story moving. Each contribution should build on the previous one, thus creating a larger story. I request that you keep the language and subject matter in check--as we may have young children lurking over our shoulders, and I'd be very uncomfortable with them getting a shock from any one's addition that might contain something objectionable. [I reserve the right to delete anything I deem objectionable.] Anyway, I know you're all talented enough to keep within "the BOX" and still be hilarious. Please be as creative as you choose! Magic, fantasy, outer space, dinosaurs--you name it--can be part of your contribution. Let your imaginations roll. At least, I have faith that you can follow the guidelines and still have loads of fun.

Since I'm new at this sort of thing, I hope you'll bear with me. My goal is sharing our imaginations + writing skills--and that will be the prize: to just have fun together. And perhaps we can cheer Debby through the trial she now faces. Feel free to invite your friends to participate. And let's have us some a that there fun!

On a lovely, crisp autumn day you take a stroll through the woods. After half-an-hour or so, you come upon a beautiful meadow. The sun is pleasantly warm, the air comfortably cool. There are fall flowers here and there in the grassy area before you bounded on all sides by the changing colors gracing the various leaves of the tall deciduous trees. Then you see it! A box. A large box. A large box resting against a huge, ancient forest oak . . .
You get to describe the box, what is (or isn't) in it and . . . (drum roll) . . . what happens next!
Have fun my friends! I'm looking forward to your imaginative renditions of "What's in the Box."

Quilt's Done

Okay. This is it. Another rush photo job, hence not perfect!
(Did I say that? Not perfect? Like any thing I do is perfect! I only wish...)

I finished the binding not by hand, as I would have liked, but finish it I did. On the sewing machine. And of course, 3 of the 4 corners refused to be mitered. Absolutely, unequivocally refused. Blatantly even. How could they do that you ask? Well, if I knew the answer to that, I'd have dispensed with their contrariness and mitered the heck out of them!

Whew. Sorry 'bout that. I'd better calm down.

Jesse'll probably be none the wiser and care even less. He's just happy to have it. I took it to the Church social in his behalf on Wednesday night, brought a Magic Marker so everyone who wanted to could sign the quilt. He told me last night that he slept under it, but his mother took it away from him.

I was shocked! Then I remembered: Ooops. "I did caution your Mom to let it air out a bit . . . you know . . . the fumes from the marker nearly knocked out two or three of those in the room where all the marking went on. AND we don't want you getting knocked out by killer fumes, not when you have an important mission to fulfill."

He smiled and nodded that he understood. Jesse, a man of few words. Bush Babe of Granite Glen has a SSB, so she knows someone like Jesse. But that tendency to be shy and quiet will change. Soon. He enters the MTC (Missionary Training Center) in Provo, Utah, next week.