Friday, September 13, 2013

Life moves fast

Can't believe I last posted in February!!! Time moves at light-speed now.  We've had so many things happen in the intervening months! But life is good!  Love where we're living.  We get incredible skies daily.  Love the cooler "mountain air" and walks morning and evening--when we can work them in.

All 5 grandchildren are growing like crazy, of course.  They are precious and if I had the brains to do it, I could talk endlessly about their cuteness. However, the hour is late and I have many chores left undone and have an early alarm clock to look forward to.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Basement floor poured today

This is the picture I took this afternoon.  Don't know how long after they finished floating the basement floor. It only show a portion of the basement, of course.  Well, youngest grandson is not sleeping and needs my attention.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tired. And Stuff.

I'm really tired.  Don't exactly know why.  Been busy.  Spending lots of time with grandbabies.  Not sleeping overly much.  Days are mostly very cold.  Apparently this winter has been the coldest, snowiest one in these parts for many years.  And when 34 degrees Fahrenheit starts feeling warm . . . you might better understand what I mean by COLD! We've had beautiful day of sunshine, but some days dipped to -6 degrees.  I can't remember having such a cold winter in over 40+ years . . . but then I haven't lived in Utah for nearly that long!

We are building a home . . . more precisely . . .  we are having a house built for us . . . We looked at homes for sale for ever so long until I could no longer stand looking at houses that ALMOST had the features we needed/wanted.  Many had a lot going for them, but not any one of them had ALL the things we needed.

Soooooooooooo . . .  we finally came to the conclusion that building was THE only alternative.  I really didn't want to remodel another house and still wish for things that would NOT accomplish.  So we looked at model homes and talked with several people and looked at several lots for sale and several house plans and finally found an company that looked right and most closely fit what we were looking for.

We selected a lot and house plans (which we let them know we would be personalizing) and put money down before Thanksgiving.  They were optimistic that the house would be finished by the end of March.  I've worked for contractors, etc. I was hoping to move in around May.

Then the cold, sub-zero temps and lots of snow arrived and things were put on hold.  So the excavation happened early January.  The footings were poured. Then the foundation was poured. Then more snow and cold, cold temperatures hit again.  So we waited a few days and then they did the initial plumbing for the basement and now we're waiting for the basement floor to be poured. (Concrete.)

But . . . another round of cold and snow are in the forecast for this week and next.  The builders were planning to have it framed this week.  We will see.

Anyway, it'll happen when it happens.  Right?  But, I must say that I actually want to be in the house NOW! (I really wanted to be in the house for Christmas, if I must tell the whole truth!  Lol!)  This apartment is very small to house 4 adults and 5 children all at the same time when we get together for meals, etc.

I am sooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to my dream kitchen with it's 8' x 4' island, and lots of cabinets and work space with the granite counter tops, gas cook top, and double ovens!  The open 40' x 14' area will be about 1/2 kitchen and the dining area and living room/den will be the rest of it.  All one big room and MOST of the main floor of the house! The second story will be 4 bedrooms, laundry room, and a "library"/guest room. The basement will have three more bedrooms and a family room. One daughter + her children will be in the basement the other daughter and her little ones will share the 2nd floor with Grandma and Grandpa.

It's so cute to see all the cousins together.  Just wish we could have a yard as large as the one we had in Louisiana!  The kids do, too!  But we'll make do with what we have! We are all excited about watching the process of building and even more excited about moving in!!!!!!!