Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Weak Wednesday

I'm way behind in posting. First, I left for vacation almost two weeks ago--make that almost three weeks ago! Parts of it were great. Parts were stinky. I'm now struggling with a blue funk I don't normally fall into, but, well, LIFE IS.

I got some great pictures "on the road" or at least I took pictures of some GREAT sights along the road in the Rocky Mountains--one of my most favorite places to stand in awe of the multitude of God's creations.

My grandchildren were so much bigger than when I last saw them--almost a year ago. It's always good to see my grandchildren and their parents! We stayed with them six days. My Mom, sibs and their families were great to visit with again, as well. These people can be a pretty entertaining lot!

The rough patch in the vacation--or should I say patches--came less than a week after setting off on the 1500 mile (2414 k) trip. We left on a Saturday. Sunday I felt the beginnings of trouble in my innards. By Thursday, I knew, without doubt I had to see a doctor. ER that afternoon. Tests at the hospital on Friday. That wasn't so bad. It's a recurring problem--and so far--hasn't proved fatal! That part's good. But by Saturday, husband/sweetheart was feeling a bit rocky--scratchy throat, sniffles, headache. We went to one of my sister's to stay Saturday night.
Sunday we had the big family gathering for food and visiting and I began feeling the scratchy throat. Great! Sunday night we went to my Mom's. That night my husband started the bronchial cough. My nose became a faucet w/o a turn-off valve. (It's peeled now so many times I've lost count! Red and raw, peeling nose. It's a fun thing to do on vacation. NOT.)
Guess what we did on Monday morning! Another trip to a different ER. (Mom live's in another city from where our daughter's family lives.)
Yep! We got the CRUD. #1 Man in my life had bronchitis; I'm on the same path. We got antibiotics and went back to Mom's and basically vegged out. My Mom's got to be soooooo delighted to have us come visit--only to crash. And, #1 Man decides we're going to leave early to get home so we can recoup before he has to return to work, the following Monday.
Now I'm depressed. I only get to visit my family out west like once a year--maybe--and now the trip (too short for my wishes anyway) is now cut shorter.
We left on Wednesday--one week ago today. We did not get to see our grandchildren again. That really bummed me out. We did make it home safely. We're still working on overcoming the nasty crud we picked up somewhere, and have prayed fervently we haven't passed on to anyone else in the family.
And our son is moving out (three cheers for him moving into adulthood--finally) on Friday. My husband and I will celebrate 38 years of marriage tomorrow--or may delay it to Friday evening. We haven't decided just yet. I guess when you've been married as long as we have you can pick and choose whenever you want to, to celebrate!
Sorry for all the whining. I should be happy about a lot of things. I've been very blessed in my life! In SO MANY ways. And I know I have. I just have to work on crawling out of this funk sooner rather than later.
I'm smiling. Really. Not feeling it just yet, but I've pasted a smile on, just for you--wherever you are.


jeanie said...

Aww - sorry you had such a dismal trip.

Congrats on 38 years!!

Debby said...

OOOooh. With all those souvenier shops, and you pick bronchitis to bring back home?!!

I've got lots to read. Unfortunately have to go to work! BBS. TTFN. And TGIF!