Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tweak Weak Wed.

I don't know what's up with this bloggggg thing--the line spacing went all wonky. EVEN AFTER I fixed it in editing. Like I need something else frustrating to catch my time and attention.

For those of you who might be interested, I'll try to post some pictures (from the trip) tomorrow. Or the next day. Or something like that.

Before I find a copy of Stephanie Meyer's newest "Twilight" series that's due out on Saturday. (My married daughter told me I HAD TO read the first three books. BEFORE we left for vacation.) When she informed me that the book(s) were about teenage love and vampires (I think she forgot to mention the werewolves) I thought she'd lost it. I mean, REALLY! Vampires? I don't think so. My youngest daughter and son then had a heyday with the whole thing, making as much fun out of it as they possibly could--and they're pretty good at that sort of thing. (Hey! They hardly said anything I hadn't already at least thought.)

So, I dutifully went to see what the local library had. They had it. Them. In the juvenile section. I checked out the first with, shall we say, less than much enthusiasm. Then I red it. Ha! Was that a slip of some sort. Red a book about vampires. (Sorry. It was simply a typo!) I READ it. And found it . . . interesting. So, I returned it and checked out the two later volumes and read them on our road trip. Now, I want to read the fourth volume and then -- in the future when it's finished and published -- read the volume chronicling the Vampire's point of view. Apparently these books are quite the huge teenage interest reading--likened somewhat to the Harry Potter craze of a few years back.

I freely admit that I loved the Harry Potter series (and movies so far). Now you know. I'm almost sixty and like reading juvenile books. Hope I haven't burst too many bubbles. (I'm really smiling a genuine smile now.) Thanks for listening.


jeanie said...

There is nothing wrong with loving Juvenile fiction!

If you want to check on your spacing, there is a html tab in your editor. If you go in there and put < / b r > (with no spaces) wherever you want a line break it should fix things a bit better.

Pencil Writer said...

Thank you, Jeanie, for comments and fixes! I need more knowledge all the time! And lots of helps.