Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Anti-Itch Stuff

Forgot to mention yesterday that the recipe for the "anti-itch stuff" (yesterday's post) works on anything you want to dry up--like mosquito bites, fire ant bites, spider bites, and as mentioned, poison ivy and poison oak.

Think of it this way:
Asprin--salicylic acid--is included in many acne treatment products--to dry up oily skin.
Alum is what makes you really pucker--don't know why they use it making pickles, but if you know, you can tell me.
Alcohol will dry out your skin as well.

So combining them . . . well what else would you expect but terrific drying potion? (Don't know if that's what kills the itching or maybe the asprin's anti-inflamatory nature does that. Hmmmmmm.) I just know it works. Thank heaven and Nola Ann--the recipe giver!

I just get the heebie geebies just thinking of being covered in poison ivy rash! (Shivers all over.) My poor older sister apparently got into poison ivy on an Easter egg hunt just before her 7th, I'm thinking, birthday. Then we both came down with measles. That was NOT a good time for either of us! I bet she coulda used some of this stuff then!


tgifryday said...

Thanks for correcting your spelling, but you didn't give the proportions for the recipe.

tgifryday said...

Sorry, Mom. Apparently I didn't look hard enough for the recipe.