Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Joy's of Having Grandchildren

Youngest to Oldest

Hey! There's a button! If there's a button, I gotta push it . . . I mean, that IS what they're for. Right?
Did you push the button? Huh? Me? Not me. I'm innocent. Don't I LOOK innocent?

Grandma, I think I want to put this red block right here.

Don't you like this cool fort we made?

Now we come to Grandpa taking Glamour Shots of #1 (and only) Granddaughter.

Cameras are part of my life, you know.

I love you, Grandpa.

You know, I AM only four! (Despite what my publicist says.)


Scribbit said...

My mom says having grandchildren makes having children worth while :) She's kidding--mostly :)

Amy said... kids are worth it. Of course they're not mouthy teenagers yet.