Thursday, July 31, 2008

In the South, the Deep South, Part II

I posted the original, Part I, before leaving on my trek so I've been behind on things. Sorry. No one came up with the correct answer yet, but I suggest clicking on the picture to see what might be lurking in the swamp. (I honestly didn't realize I had such savvy readers. When I looked at those pictures, I saw "grassy looking" area with trees, not duckweed covered swamp. Y'all are just too smart for me.)

The scene was really such a neat looking swamp I had to have pictures. It wasn't until looking at the pictures that I realized it might not look like water was everywhere.
My son-in-law kindly pointed out (in his comments) that those trees growing in the water are pneumatophores. Of course, he's the botanist guy, so he would. I had to look it up to find out that pneumatophores are really just ordinary ole bald cypress trees--part of my husband's heritage: Louisiana's State Tree. And they are pretty cool!

I'm really impressed with what the camera picks up that in my haste to capture the shot, I never noticed while standing so closely. But, seriously, there is something there for you to discover, like I accidentally did.

I will print and send a picture (of the winner's choice) to the first one who finds the right thing and reports back! Oh. It's not a Bunyip. I don't think.

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