Thursday, August 28, 2008

I Saw Franny Today!

Sarah made a batch of brownies last night for the good Vet doctor and Vet Tech who've been working to preserve little kitty Franny's life. I was delivery person. The Vet Tech greeted me with news that Franny had her first solid poo last night! That's the first time in over two weeks, mind you, so it was something the entire Vet staff apparently celebrated with "wahoos" and exclamations of that sort.

I got to cuddle her while she purred non-stop, nuzzled my chin, sniffed my nose and mouth repeatedly--I'm assuming because she wanted to be sure it was me, after all! I haven't held her in over a week now.

So the Vet thinks Franny has turned the corner and we're all hoping she'll now begin to put some meat on her very little, thin bones. Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and snuggles for Franny. I know she appreciates every one!


Debby said...

Oh it sounds as if your itty bitty kitty has a committee!

Pencil Writer said...

Very clever comment, Debby. And I believe you're very correct!

Mary Paddock said...

Oh what a relief, PW. 'Very, very happy for you.

Amy said...

Mom, you're celebrating cat poo.

Just had to point that out. I am glad that kitty is doing better.