Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What's This? A Visiting Monarch?

What's this? Lurking just out of focus?

Hmmmmm. Illusive lovely creature, no?

Come on. This camera thing won't hurt. I promise!
(Famous paparazzi quote, right?)
Just unfold your royal wings a bit, if you please . . .

I must have offended her highness.
She took off and fluttered and swirled up the hill and across the road.
Hold ON! She's back!
Still a bit camera shy, however.

Well, if that's the best you'll allow, I'll take it!
Thanks for your time.

(She did have her wings fully open a couple of times
--but of course--
it didn't happen when I had a camera to prove it!)

Still, these lovely creatures ARE so beautiful.
And this one seemed to be in pristine condition.
Maybe another day I'll get lucky and catch an opened-wing shot!


Amy said...

Beautiful butterfly.

Check out my blog for today. Totally hilarious experience at the doctor yesterday.

Mary Paddock said...

What patience you must have to snap shots like this. Lovely pictures.

Debby said...

There is a real satisfaction that comes from really looking at the details of this world, isn't there?