Monday, September 1, 2008

Franny Came Home... But Gustav's on His Way...

Little Franny came home Friday! She's not out of the woods yet, I hate to say, but she's back here and "holding her own" we think. Sarah's got to contact the Vet today to report the situation.

Franny loves all the personal attention, bless her heart! She greets everyone with a purrrrrrr and runs (the 6 -7 inches from where she is) to meet anyone who comes in close proximity. She sleeps a lot--preferably on a lap, or shoulder. If she gets close to the stairs when she's feeling particularly energetic, she's scamper down the stairs to "investigate" things. Of course, in her exuberance the first night home, she kind of tumbled down the last step and did a bit of a somersault.

Because of her long--exceptionally long--bout with illness, she's still skin and bones. She likes to eat--which has probably been her salvation, yet she's not "thriving" yet. We keep hoping/praying to see her fill out and plump up. We want to see slightly "rolly-polly" kitten here in a few weeks!

But now, changing gears, we're on the verge experiencing Gustav, the huge hurricane that has just recently hit the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. The cloud bands were noticeable at 7 am today. Though the sky is currently rather bright, I think we have nearly complete cloud cover at the moment. It's about 11:30 am here.

I'm so grateful that most Gulf Coast communities have evacuated--beginning as early as Wednesday last week! Woohoo! No waiting around till it got too late! I'm praying for everyone to weather out this mess (storm) without loss of life. I pray as well for all those who've recently moved back in just to evacuate.

Now if we just miss falling trees and power lines. Oh. And flooding. We'll see how we do!

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