Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Friday Again--and Little Franny's at the Vet's

Wednesday's post dealt with our sadness at the passing of little kitty, Zooey. That evening, Sarah noticed that Franny was showing signs of "going downhill" as well. She called the vets (friends of hers) who'd been treating these cuties almost since she first adopted them. She was afraid she was seeing the "writing on the wall." Great Vet team that these guys are, weren't about to give up on Franny since she was still showing signs of determination to carry on.

It's been too quiet here. I sometimes think I'm hearing the tiny little mewing--but don't. Franny is holding her own, at last report. We're hoping--and praying--that she can conquer this yucky virus her brother succumbed to. I'll keep you posted.
(I made an attempt to post some other pictures of Franny and Zooey--but I don't know what I'm doing, and every attempt resulted with the pictures being 90 degrees off horizonal and I couldn't fix it. It could possibly have something to do with me being a little off kilter. I dunno.)

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