Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update on Kitty Franny

Latest news on little kitty Franny is that she's sort of holding her own. Sarah was able to visit her yesterday and hold her for a little while, whereupon Franny purred and snuggled up under her chin--her favorite snuggle spot. It comforted her to know Franny hadn't forgotten her after almost a week of separation. The Vet isn't ready to quit on this tiny ball of fur just yet. And Franny apparently has quite the fighting spirit about her. Even though every morsel of food seems to run straight through her--moments after being consumed--she maintains the urge to eat and forge on. So if the ugly virus hasn't scarred her intestinal tract permanently, she might just pull through this seeming endless misery. We're hopeful. We're grateful for a Vet who cares enough to test his knowledge, training, and skill to keep her going! We're looking forward to the day she turns into a chubby little ball of bouncing fur!


Debby said...

Give Franny a cuddle from our house, as well.

Amy said...

Poor Franny. I haven't called Sarah to commiserate about her kitties yet. I should.