Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Kittens--Franny and Zooey

These are the rescued kittens that Sarah found almost two weeks ago at the animal shelter. Her heart nearly broke from seeing all the little furry kitties without homes and had only come to find one. She wanted to save them all, but couldn't bare to only rescue one of a pair. Two were sharing a cage and we were told they were brother and sister--as far as they knew. They appeared to be about the same age--somewhere between 3-5 weeks. Little. Little bitty. Little bitty fluffy, kitties.

This cutie fur ball (below) is Zooey: pronounced like Zo--ee, from the title of a J D Salinger book. Zooey is a little male kitten. His face and other markings are preciously perfect and he knows how to use his good looks, let me tell you! That's not even mentioning his tiny, pathetic little "meow". Heart rending. I tell you, simply heart rending--just before you chuckle because you know he's using all his pull on your tenderest heart strings!

Now, I'd like to introduce you to petite featured Franny.
This precious little female has very long limbs and body,
but much tinier feet and face than her bro. Zooey.
She's very non-confrontational,
but will give Bro. Dear a good tussle when there aren't other options.
She's quite a beauty in her own right.
Her fur is thicker than Zooey's obvious tabby-marked one,
though she has very muted tabby markings of her own.

Here's Zooey putting on the "cute" factor--again.
His little feet are much larger than his sister's.

Little Franny likes to eat. Can't tell so much yet because of her rather bony frame, but the vet said she looks pretty healthy. They've both had their initial shots and will get boosters in a couple of weeks.

This duo shared one little bowl of food up until about yesterday--
without quarreling, if you can imagine that!
When their little heads got just a mite too large for easy sharing,
Sarah provided individual bowls.
I already mentioned Zooey's tiny little mewing.
Franny's is a little quieter than his, which is hard to imagine!
They're both awfully well mannered little ones to have been without their Momma
at such an early age!

Sarah likes Zooey's natural "white eyeliner." He really is just too cute for words.

Just like a kitten should be!

It was really very difficult to take pictures of them.

1) They were fascinated by the camera--wanted to be right up in the lens,

2) were moving too fast for my novice skill status to get the shutter to click often enough or fast enough to catch their antics, AND

3) they desperately wanted to play with the wrist strap attached to the camera.

So after trying lebenty-times-seven times to get a few decent shots,

this was the best I could do for now.

(Jeanie! I forgot how to fix the line breaks! Before it didn't want to do it separate. Now it does and I don't want it to! Help!)


Debby said...

Kittens are adorable. That's how you get 'sucked in'. It's a trick. All that cuteness is calculated...

Pencil Writer said...

So, so true! And I'm such a sucker for that kinda cute!