Sunday, September 19, 2010

They're Multiplying!

Tonight the grandchildren returned from the weekend with their dad.  Little Britches and I were checking out the gecko activity on the kitchen window.  A small moth--the likes of which seem to be a favorite meal of these geckos--was tantalizing and teasing each of the three little reptilian critters I saw by flying close and getting missed as it passed by each of the predators.  Two of the star-toed fellas were on the top half of the window as the third dashed from top to just below mid-way on the bottom section with a near miss for said moth, when suddenly a fourth fellow skulking in the bottom left-hand corner snatched the winged meal for himself.

Now I've got to wonder:  are these geckos multiplying and hiding out all over my back yard?  Jeanie, in Paradise, has hinted that they multiply quickly. (You can check out her experience at  It might be alright if they could manage to eliminate a large portion of the  mosquitoes and other unsavory insects lurking about us--like the blight of stinging red wasps and some kind of hornets that have attacked us in recent days.  My husband has sprayed the apparent hidden nest of red wasps and we keep finding remnants crawling now (rather than flying) around our front door.  (These suckers are about 2 1/2 inches in length--with attitude!  And when they pop you, you know it for sure!)

Heretofore I've been in the habit of catching them live (when they are IN the house) and tossing them outside.  I may have to alter my modus operandi.  We're all just slightly wary of entering and leaving by the front door now!

So . . . are we under attack?  Being overrun with wildlife once again, or still?  I'm beginning to wonder.  Again!


jeanie said...

They breed, Pencil Writer - they do it silently and wherever they can stick, apparently.

Wasps (or Waps, as my brother used to call them) and hornets are sent straight from hell to torment us. You are allowed to unleash whatever chemicals required on them - or even resort to flames, apparently.

My lovely little final sentence here would have been perfect with the word verification I had when I first came to comment - "toadbr" - as we could have lamented together the copulation of canetoads - but "remard" doesn't have any comic possibilities.

Pencil Writer said...

But, Jeanie, if they come directly from Hell, would flames actually be effective??? Hmmm.

jeanie said...

Good point, Pencil Writer.

All I know is, don't have my brother anywhere around when you are hunting either, as he tends to be a bit of an attention seeker - generally requiring adrenalin attention should they attack him (and they would).

Pencil Writer said...

Oh, that's right! I remember either you or Bush Babe explaining how he must carry an eppi pen? (Did I remember right?) because he's so allergic to their stings. And they do seek him out, apparently.

My husband is in a similar category. However, no eppi pen carrier, he.