Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Geckos on Kitchen Window

For several weeks now we've been watching a trio of geckos that like to congregate on our kitchen window in the evenings snatching up moths, at least, and possibly other flying critters attracted by the light over the kitchen sink.  For the longest time I thought there were only two, then I noticed three one evening a few days ago.

I'd have pictures except for two very simple reasons.

1.  My kitchen window is in dire need of washing.
2.  When I thought I'd just suck it up and forgo the window washing and just try to take a picture, well, you guessed it:  the gecko anti-paparazzi informant was on alert.  Yep.  There was nary a gecko to be found when the camera showed up.

So, I can rest now that you'll not be exposed to how much in need of a cleaning my kitchen window is.

Until last night, I never saw anything but the underbelly view of any of these little critters.  All I saw before was a kind of soft, pinkish little critter (or three) with long whip-like tails and the cutest little feet that look like stars.  Their digits fan out from the center and make me think of sparkly stars.  It's a very scientific term.  You should look it up, of course.  But last night . . . I saw the dorsal view.  It's striped.  The color is kind of light tan with thin, dark stripes down the entire length of the body and tail.  Don't recall the head being striped or not.

So, last night I actually saw one of the trio that was clinging to the bricks that form the sides of the window.  I nearly missed it.  They are somewhat illusive.  If you watch them too long they seem to realize that they're on display and they hide behind the window where top and bottom sections meet (where I can raise the window) or just above or below the window.

I've often wondered where they habitate during day-light hours.  I have a large aloe vera plant in a clay pot close by.  I wonder if they find refuge near, under, around, or in said plant/pot.  I should read up on their habits.  They get a little snappy at each other on occasion for some reason or another.  Perhaps there aren't enough of the right moths and/or other insects they prefer to ingest and competition is involved.  Perhaps they're not all the same gender?  Perhaps they're not acquainted with the lovely Geico Gecko and his gentlemanly manners.  Who can say?

I'll try again at photographing them.  Sometime.  When their guard is down.  Maybe.

P.S.  I'm editing the post:  I went back downstairs and noticed a head sticking out from the edge of the bricks.  When I moved to get a better look . . . it disappeared.  I'm not convinced that they're shy.  I think, well I'm not sure what I say to describe their feelings of being watched.  Maybe they're just creeped out.


Debby said...

One of the orange woods salamanders (another scientific name) here received a letter from his cousin the city gecko. "There's no privacy in the big city. I feel like I'm always being watched. I think of your quiet life and your large rock to scuttle under and I am envious."

jeanie said...

The geckos we have here are not shy at all - not sure of the name, but Barking Asian I think - they are noisy and have wiped out the native geckos - and they sit there and TAUNT you!!!

Good luck on living in harmony!