Thursday, September 9, 2010

Caught Two of Them

In my previous post I mentioned a trio of geckos lurking about my kitchen window, my dirty kitchen window.  I don't exactly remember why I was walking into the kitchen just a few minutes ago, but lo and behold!  I saw all three geckos attached by their little starry feet to the upper portion of said window.  Racing upstairs to snag the camera I tried to get back in time to catch them as if they would be waiting for me.  Yeah.  Well, the illusive little critters were still lurking about, but not so much within camera view. 

I tried to catch them w/o flash.  Got double images.  Blurry double images.  Tried with the over-the-sink light on.  Forget that!  Tried with only the kitchen (florescent) light on.  That was problematic, as well.  But, nonetheless, I did see all three at once, or at least parts of them not hidden from view and snapped a few frames.  I'll include a couple of them--if you promise not to snicker about how utterly filthy my poor kitchen window is.  Please.

I may try another evening to do better--with cleaning the window and/or taking better photos of the reptilian critters.  Are they reptiles?  I forgot to look that up!


Mary Paddock said...

Nice job! And, yes, those little feet are cute. :)

BUSH BABE said...

WEll done!!! And yes, love me some geckos. Cute as!

Pencil Writer said...

Y'all are so sweet! 'Specially for focusing on the critters and not the, you know, like I asked. :-)