Friday, September 10, 2010

Love, Love, Love

New photos showed up for me to "oooo" and "aaaahhhh" over.  The youngest of my adorable grandchildren has been sitting in front of a camera once more.  There's no way I can describe how this little bundle of joy fascinates me.  She just makes me giggle with joy when the opportunity to see her up close and hold and snuggle her arises.  Not often enough, I assure you!

But here are some pictures of this adorable little babe.

One of my very favorite pictures of our little Baby Cakes.  That's her very pretty Mom holding her.  (I think Mom looks like a movie star.  What do you think?)

She is such a kick!  This is another of my all-time favorites.  New, but still an all time favorite!

I imagine that she's singing Gene Kelly's version of "Singing in the Rain."  Or, maybe she's singing the Beatles "Love, Love, Love."  
I'm sure her PopPop would argue that she's really cheering on the football team of his choice that's playing on the TV behind her.  (PopPop has a Super Bowl ring or two from the days of his professional career in football.)  Anyway, I can hear her singing in this photo, I don't care what anybody else says!

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Bob said...

They're all beautiful! And lucky to have a photo-shooting grandma. They'll thank you one day.