Monday, September 20, 2010

Bangkok Restaurant Review

Saturday some of the family (#2 daughter and #1 son) accompanied me to a Thai restaurant in Alexandria, LA, interestingly called the Bangkok Restaurant.  My daughter, has been to Thailand and loved it there.  She is very particular about Asian food--actually about all kinds of food from around the world--so I follow her lead when visiting such restaurants (most of the time) when ordering.  She ordered Pad Thai--which was delicious--and Beef Curry (the red variety).  Son ordered a Thai Pork Fried Rice dish. We also had fried Spring rolls.  It was all delicious--except for the beef in the Red Curry.  It tasted a little old. 

The personal favorites of mine were the Pad Thai and the Red Curry sauce.  Very yummy!  I will go back.  Oh, and by the way, the lady who waited on us was originally from Thailand.  My daughter always tries to learn if those preparing whatever kinds of Asian food at the restaurant we plan to eat at are authentic to the cuisine offered.  Koreans for Korean food.  Japanese for Japanese food, etc.

There was an Asian grocery attached to the restaurant so my daughter checked it out while we waited for our meal.  She was VERY impressed with the freshness of their produce and meats as well as the variety of other commodities for sale.

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