Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ready to Scream

This post was drafted almost a year ago.  I had to calm down--obviously--before posting it.  After reading it again a day or two ago, I realized that the entity whose name I'd included could be switched with some other "vendors' names."  I chose to delete it that you might insert your own favorite/anti-favorite provider's name.  I think the problem is rather (unfortunately) somewhat universal.

This is how that original post began:

I'm counting to ten, for the tenth time and I'm still about to boil over.  Can I just say that I loath contacting *** insert name for your anti-favorite huge conglomerate phone or other provider of services customer service phone number** * for ANY reason?  It is the worst merry-go-round/house of horrors.  Repeatedly.  I've made four or five calls already today by 8:30 am.  Spent over 1 hour on-line trying to find my billing statement and/or talking to their agents seeking help for the same.

First call: couldn't tell me where I could find my bill on-line, even though I'd already logged in, been "greeted" and still couldn't get to the "right place" to see my bill.  (And this was all after receiving four, (count them, 4) copies of the same bill email with a freaking link to click on to see my bill!)  The problem was . . . the link only took one to the billing site for ***see the above***  mobile customers.  Which I am not, nor ever plan to be!!!  (I think I posted something about that a year or three ago.  Don't remember, but I'll check on it.)  The rep sent my call to "someone who can help you with that".  Uh-huh.  NOT.

Second call:  the one I was transferred to:  the answer to all their queries:  Nada.  Didn't apply.

Third call:  Lovely young sounding voice, asked up front, "How can I help you feel like a valued ***see above*** customer today?"  My cranky response was, "Sounds like a really tall order, to me."  She asked a few more questions about my "problem" and so I began to civilly (I honestly tried my best) explain my frustrations.  After a bit, I noticed there was dead air coming through my receiver.  Let me tell you, that made me feel ESPECIALLY valued by ***you-know-who***!!!!!!!!!  Can you feel it, too?

Fourth call:  Got a Southern gentleman who actually got down to business and tried to help find the reasons my bill was 40 some dollars more than last month.  (Yes, I know I called Germany--to visit with my brother.  And yes, I know that call cost me $6.66.) That does not a $40 increase make.  Then he located some charges connected with a modem I'd had replaced in late October.  (When I called Tech Support about the dead/dying modem there was not the teeniest mention of charges.  I assumed it was still under warranty.  I should have asked, I know, but I stupidly trust people to tell me that they're going to charge me for something if there's a charge attached, and how much that charge will be.  Again.  Nada.  [I LOVE those people.])  He said he tried to give me credit for the charges, but because they came from Tech Support, THEY would have to cancel/credit my account for the "undisclosed charges" to my account.

Fifth call:  Tech Support person:  Sorry ma'am.  We have nothing to do with billing.  We can't change anything.  You have to speak with the billing department.  I just spoke with billing and they said YOUR department had to take care of it because YOUR department charged my account.  I'm sorry, Miss ___,  I can transfer you to billing and you can talk with them.  I think I just mentioned that they're the ones I've been talking with and they said YOUR department would have to reverse the charges, or whatever, since your department is the one that billed me in the first place--without telling me you were doing so.  Miss ___, we can't do anything about billing.  You'll have to talk with them.  Would you like me to transfer you?  I can't see what good that will do.  I've been on the phone with ***___*** people all morning.  I have other things I need/have to do.  I can't stand the merry-go-round ***___*** has working against its customers.  They treat customer service as a joke and send customers in circles until they run out of time/tenacity and hope they'll just give up.  I know YOU personally are not the problem, but it frustrates me to no end.  But, you have a Merry Christmas.  I did mean it.  Sincerely.

I don't have time.  I need to get dressed and go clean the Church.  In thirty minutes.  I'll post this later.  After I've cooled down and edited it.  Pray for me.  It IS Christmas time after all.

Well, it was Christmas time.  And I have been paying for that modem a little each month.  Now, if only the equipment will continue to work past the final payment . . .

Do you ever wonder where the old work ethic vanished?  Where choice and accountability disappeared?  Where smoke and mirrors kind of operations were normally referred to as "snake oil" deals?  We've slipped onto a treacherous down-slide into "no-fault" stickers on everything.  Integrity is still out there, but not so many people seem to have an honest (yeah, pun) "integrity" sticker on them these days.  So many people seem to be "working the system" for personal gain never thinking of the havoc they are creating for everyone/anyone else.  So, I commend everyone who strives for honesty and integrity above all.  Humility goes a long way, too.  And I need to work on that one, for sure.  Thanks for letting me vent.  There are still good people everywhere, I know.  I just want to find them more frequently.  And continue to strive to be one of them myself.


Debby said...

Was it Verizon. Verizon made me scream a lot. And I was not alone.

Bob said...

You are very kind to leave out the name. Very kind indeed.