Friday, September 16, 2011

I Just May Be Addicted

I'm not in the habit of advertising but I have become somewhat addicted to something edible, delicious and good for you.  One of my daughters had mentioned that Greek Yogurt was superior in taste, etc., to the normal yogurts on the shelves at the grocery stores.  I might have had a taste of one she was eating and thought, yeah, that's pretty good, and then shrugged and gone on.

Last week, however, I needed to find yogurt that included more of the probiotics for good gut health and I went looking.  I found a large variety including Yoplait brand, which I've been eating and enjoying for years, and Activia and others.  (Both those brands are good.)  I have liked yogurt since I was introduced to it over 40 years ago by a guy from the mid-east.  And that was just the plain-jane variety without any added flavor.

As I continued scouring the shelves for something different, I found just a few cups of "The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt" on the shelf.  I remembered watching a commercial or two for that brand recently on TV, so I thought, why not try it?  I picked up a couple of Pomegranate flavor, and a couple of Honey flavor the first day.  I tried the Pomegranate.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!  I was so overwhelmed, melted and madly in love I can't begin to tell you!  It was thick.  It was rich. The flavor was subtle.  It was a little more acidic than I was used to.  It was in a word:  delicious!  I was smitten.  I fell in love! I want to eat it all the time. But, I did share it with my husband . . . because I loved him first.  He really likes it, too.  I doubt he'd say he was smitten, overwhelmed, melted or madly in love with any particular yogurt, but he does really like it. 

I've bought several more cups of the pomegranate, honey and vanilla-cinnamon-orange flavors and the large family size of the honey-strawberry.  They are all good.  Pomegranate is the favorite flavor of the three my husband has tried. This morning I tried the vanilla with cinnamon and orange.  I don't think I've purchased any of the plain, but I will.  I assure you, I will!

The only drawback . . . if there is one . . . it costs more than twice as much as our regular brand.  However, I will still purchase, eat and enjoy it whenever I can.  For good gut health.  If nothing else.  *smile*  Yes.  Totally for good gut health.  *nods head in affirmation*  Absolutely for good gut health.  and TASTE.  Yum.  Who knew good gut healthy food could also be so delicioso?  Mmmmmm.  Mmmmeeee.  That's who!  Now.

So, if (when) they (The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt folks) EVER come up with a mango lasse (or lassi) flavor I might just die and go to heaven!!!  For those of you who have not been initiated, a mango lasse is a yogurt based drink.  It's thick, orange, sweet and habit forming.  It's made with yogurt, mashed mangos and some sugar, I think.  It is habit forming--in case I  haven't already mentioned that.  I had my first taste seven or eight years ago, it was okay, but this past May at a little Indian restaurant in Provo, Utah, I had my second and third cups of the wonderful, refreshing, addictive stuff.  It was to die for, too.  Who knew that yogurt could be so heavenly?  Well, I do. Now.  Aaaaaahhhhhhh! *smile*

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Mary Paddock said...

Thanks for the heads up PW! We do love yogurt around here.