Thursday, September 22, 2011

No Love Affair

Well, I tried two new-to-me yogurts today.  a) Dannon's Oikos brand peach at the bottom Greek flavor and b) Chobani raspberry.

  •  I read several raving reviews about this brand.
  • First bite was okay.  Tangy, with only a hint of the peach bits and jam-like flavor at the bottom.
  • After mixing, the sweetness was overwhelming and the over-all taste was not at all what I seek in a yogurt.  
  • It was very distasteful to me.  
  • I won't buy any more.
Chobani--don't remember reading up on this brand prior to the "taste" offered me at Sam's Club
  • First bite good.  Actually a little similar to the Oikos.  (I was, however, expecting the "strawberry flavor" the sample hostess mentioned that it was supposed to be.  It was definitely raspberry.)
  • It was far less gaggingly sweet and far more enjoyable than the Oikos brand.
There is no love affair with either brand I tasted today, though I would try the Chobani stuff again.  Except for the fact that I love the "The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt" hands down over all other brands sampled to date.

I know everyone of the three or five wonderful folks that find their way to my blog have been waiting with baited breath for this update in the Yogurt World of Taste. *note heavy sarcasm in voice*

Please, feel free to share a little about your own favorites, if you have any.  This is NOT a contest.  And you don't have to be having a love affair with any particular type/brand of yogurt.  Or food. Like I do.

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Bob said...

I have plenty of love affairs with plenty of foods (far too many) but not familiar with these yogurt flavors. Always willing to try new thing though.