Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today--Pecan Pie and Scrambled Eggs for Breakfast

Not me!!!!  But, yes.  My daughter who just celebrated another birthday yesterday, who "won" a pecan pie at our Relief Society Birthday party (Relief Society was founded on 17 March 1842, actually for the women of the Church), decided that since she had a mid-term test this morning and needed extra "brain power", and since she informed me that brains are fueled only by sugar (I suppose you could look it up if you/re so inclined) she indulged herself with scrambled eggs and pecan pie for breakfast.  "Mom, this pie is DELICIOUS!  I'm so glad I won this last night!"  As it was her birthday yesterday, I'm sure it was only right that she "win" the big prize.

I should have taken her picture as she ate, but I was in need of some brain fuel myself, so I can't share her smile of satisfaction as she consumed the treasured prize.

If I were going to eat pie for breakfast--and don't think that I haven't!--it would most definitely be apple pie for me.  Or as it was once upon a time, Litzas Pizza's Canadian Bacon and Mushroom pizza pie.  (That was what it was called back in olden times.  Pizza Pie.)  Cold.  Yep.  Cold.  It was so good I think I walked a mile, since I didn't own a vehicle, to buy a large pizza so I could eat leftovers it was so good!  (I was living alone in Salt Lake City shortly after graduating from high school and walked everywhere!  I was in much better shape then than now, too!)

Any way, IF you were to eat pie for breakfast, what kind of pie would you eat?

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