Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Funny Comment

Today my two grandsons had some minor, outpatient surgery.  The youngest was first on the list to go to the OR.  (Youngest first, seems always to be the rule--and I think rightly so.)  They gave him a dose of "drowsy" medication which didn't seem to quick to take effect, but did seem to be working. 

His mother and I knew for sure he was "under the influence" when she asked:

"So, how are you feeling?"

And he responded,


We both cracked up.

(He wasn't quite so mellow when all the "deeper sleep inducing" meds began wearing off.  But then, that does happen sometimes.  Ever see an angry bull?  Or little bull?)

Back at home this afternoon while older brother lamented his pain and anguish, Little Britches encouraged his mother . . . "Hey, let's play tackle."  (The bull was beginning to show his colors again!)


Bob said...

Hilarious. I have had a couple of "procedures" requiring general anesthesia over the past few years and have been known to say some things that have lacked tact. I am at my best when given the "happy medicine" before they put me out completely. Funny thing is, I know I'm saying these things but can't seem to help myself. So this last time I had a little talk with myself before going under and told myself to keep my mouth shut. It worked pretty well and I just smiled a lot.

One of the worst was when I was lying there in my lovely hospital gown. I called my wife over and in a loud whisper said, "I am naked under here!"

Pencil Writer said...

Bob, you crack me up! Your comment to your wife was completely honest and accurate. So the whole hospital didn't hear your "loud whisper" I'm guessing?

My problem is that when I go "under" even the mild happy meds, I think I talk constantly. When I'm "coming out from under", I'm told I ask all about what has happened--multiple times. Then when I'm perfectly lucid, I ask once more. My husband pretty much tells me, "I've already answered that question multiple times. I'm not telling you again." He can never be sure I'll remember the exchange. Eventually, when he's sure I'm fully alert he will tell me. Well, I think he's telling me the whole scoop! I know I talk to the doctors/nurses the whole time I'm under. I just pray before (and after) I've not said anything I'd be ashamed of! (I'm such a motor mouth.) *sigh*

jeanie said...

Goodness, the last time I went under was for Jaw Surgery - so I am pretty sure I didn't say anything witty at all (although I did have lovely inside-out looby lips at the end)