Thursday, March 31, 2011

They're Evil!

Well, maybe NOT evil altogether . . . I'm talking Rice Krispie Treats here.  I don't make them very often because, well, I'm addicted to them.  I can handle my addiction pretty well, too.  As long as I'm not within 50 yards of homemade rice krispie treats that are made with extra butter and marshmallows.

Wellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll . . . today I needed to spend some special time--just grandma and Blue Eyes time--with the 5 year-old grandson.  The one who LOVES to cook and help in the kitchen.  I was toying with the idea of making the Evil Things after finding an extra bag of mini-marshmallows and seeing that we had two large boxes of rice krispies as well.  But, I thought . . . I'm considering buying a bathing suit for the first time in about 20 years.  And even though I lost a bunch of weight and went down a size or two a while back--and  even though, or especially because the scales have recently started intimating that some of the previously lost weight is beginning to sneak back into residence where it's most unwanted and unnecessary, I'll be strong and NOT muddle things up by making the Evil Things!  

I was feeling pretty good about that very positive decision to be strong and unyielding to the terrific temptation  tantalizing as it was . . . UNTIL . . . my daughter said something to the effect of:  "You know when you were thinking of what you could do with Blue Eyes today after school?  You could let him help you make Rice Krispie Treats, couldn't you?"  Dang!!!!  When someone else has the same idea I do, I kind of figure it's a positive thing.

Well, it was, for my precious grandson who's been having a bit of a rough go with a variety of challenges lately, so he needed something fun and positive to do.  It seemed that he had a great time helping me through all the steps of making those blasted treats.

I have to admit I regret every bite I've enjoyed so far.  I just try to NOT look down at my bulging middle that will look pretty ridiculous in some of those bathing suits I've contemplated purchasing in the near future.


Bob said...

I love them too and funny you mention this because I had a craving for them myself this week and actually went to the vending machine at work and purchased one. Pure heaven, but not as good as the ones made at home. I'm sure yours were to die for. Are you familiar with the Christmas tree kind? You get those little paper cones that are used at water coolers, green food coloring and chicklets. You make the treats green of course, mold them into the cups while the "goo" is still soft, then when it hardens, tap out of the cups upside down and put the chicklets around so they look like presents around the tree. (Little grandson will love these at Christmas). How could anything this good be EVIL?????

Pencil Writer said...

Well, they're just EVIL! With them tempting people all over the place . . . They just are. And since they taste SOOOOOOO GOOOD! Well, there you have it! I don't eat (about 95% of the time) when I'm already full. Tonight, however . . . I had to have another EVIL treat after supper. NOT because I was hungry, but just be cause THEY WERE THERE!

BTW, the little green cone Christmas treats sound very cute. I'll bet my grandson will love them! Thanks for sharing how you make them!