Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike's Come and Gone

Gustav came and threw things around the yard, knocked out our power for more than half a day, rained about 3" worth and moved on up the road. Then we watched Hanna do her thing. All the while Ike was trotting around doing unbelievable damage to islands in the Caribbean. It's hard to fathom the extent of the damage done. One island lost 80% of their housing! Can you imagine your community losing 80% of the housing?!!

Then Josephine was fast on the heels of all the others! But Ike...Ike began filling up the entire Gulf of Mexico. It's hard to imagine how much disaster one hurricane can create. Then add to that, how much damage has been done in the rather near past! Gustav, Rita and Katrina. It tends to make one rather cautious and a little antsy wondering just where landfall is going to occur and how it will impact you and your loved ones.

We've been exceptionally blessed, I must say up front. I know the devastation to Galveston, and Houston, Texas, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and other communities in their near neighborhoods is huge! And we do pray for those individuals. The men from our Church Ward (congregation) and many others of our Stake (several Wards included) are planning to travel to Baton Rouge--where many people still haven't recovered their power since Gustav--to render service in cleaning up the mess. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints usually organizes and sends many needed supplies to those involved in many disasters here and all over the world. I know many other church groups, other organizations, and individuals do the same. Thanks to everyone who pitches in! I'm so grateful that there are so many good people everywhere who care enough about their fellow humans to serve them in times of need.


Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

We have been watching, praying and crossing our fingers for all the folks over there in the path of these terrible storms... glad to hear you went OK. Mother Nature really does have a shocking temper sometimes!!

Pencil Writer said...

So, so many have lost everything except their lives and determination to overcome. I admire those and grieve for those who struggle to overcome.

Disasters seem to have increased over this globe, in intensity, in number and in more and more areas.

May we all be better prepared to survive them and help those who suffer through them.