Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Weather . . . Is Soooooooo HOT!

I don't ever remember summers like this one.  Usually, our top temperatures are in the 90s, maybe the high 90s toward the end of July and into August.  Occasionally, we have those really hot, sultry nights when the low is 80 degrees and the humidity is 80% and you think you're going to die . . . particularly if you have a huge thunderstorm and it knocks out the power and you have neither fans nor air conditioning to cushion the blow.

Well, we knew we were in trouble last month when the high temperatures started creeping toward 99 and then touching 100 here and there.  Today our forecast high was (at one time) 100 degrees.  Then they changed it to 98.  When I looked at the thermometer I have outside, in the shade, I might add, it said 103.  The advertised temp on "the weather channel" web site said it was 98 with heat index of 113.  (Or 45 C.) 

It is currently 86 degrees in my bedroom.  The A/C is on.  The fans are running.  The humidity is registered at almost 70% and the outside temp (according to the professionals) is also 86 degrees.

I was not built to endure this kind of heat and humidity.  Seriously!  I was born during a record breaking blizzard in Salt Lake City, after all, and I loved----L O V E D----cold weather and snow.  So now you know.  I've melted all over the place.

Yet . . . I somehow have managed to acclimate.  I know.  It shocked me too!  A couple of weeks ago my daughters friend was flying in for the weekend and before she got to the house I HAD TO SWEEP the front porch, sidewalk, patio, etc.  It was 1:00 in the afternoon and about 99.  Not sure what the humidity was, but it was definitely there.  When I walked outside to fetch the broom, I thought:  Dang!  I'm going to die out here!  And that's without even starting to get to work!  

Well, I sucked it up, and began my task with determination that whether or not I died of heatstroke, I was going to get my porch, sidewalk and patio swept clean!  (Someone had mowed a couple of days before, then it rained and, you know.)  As I got into the sweeping, I noticed that it was getting hard to see clearly, but I stuck to my task.  Perspiration was dripping into my eyes.  My head was dripping wet, but I kept at it.  I had to wipe my brow occasionally with my sleeve, but I continued to sweep.  The spot between my thumb and forefinger began to feel like that recurring blister was developing--since I forgot to grab my gloves--but I didn't give in.  Then it was DONE!  Eureka!  I had not expired.  I had conquered the beastly heat and grass clippings and  leaves and all that nasty stuff.  Even the miserable heat!  The blister was a doozie.  It formed.  It burst and most of the skin pulled free.  (I medicated it.  I bandaged it.  I moved on.  But it did hurt.)

*Sigh*  I want to buy another leaf blower, really, really badly!!!

So, when I came back inside, it was a lovely cool.  My face was the color of beets.  My hair was plastered to my head from the perspiration.  And I was thirsty.  I drank copious amounts of cold water.  (Don't tell me you're not supposed to!)  I did.  And it tasted wonderful!  Then I showered in COOL water.  It was glorious.  Then I dressed, grabbed my suitcase, and other necessaries and left for my oldest daughter's place to spend the night because I was catching a flight at dawn-thirty, or rather fifteen, to go see my youngest daughter.  And you already heard about some of that adventure.

Oh, even with all the complaining about the HOT weather.  I still DO NOT buy into the ridiculous (false) theory of "Global Warming".  Sorry. 

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