Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Should Already Be In Bed

I'm tired.  I had a full day, starting at about 6:15 am.  Before 9:00 am I went to the Elementary School where I worked for about 3 years, like 14 years ago, so my #1 grandson, Blue Eyes, could be "evaluated" before starting Kindergarten at the end of this week.  He's already reading.  He does math in his head and knows insects by their scientific names in more cases than I do.  (Okay.  So I DON'T know their scientific names.  I confess.)  (But then, his Mom [not me] studied insects for years and has a large collection of them that she donated to a museum on the campus of BYU, where her college career began.)  Today was her first day of school--in a few years, and she's excited, too. 

Little Britches, #2 grandson, is also looking forward to his first year of school.  He too, unbelievably, can read a few words.  He continually confuses gender pronouns, but we're about to figure out that he does it intentionally.  When he was mad at his Mom for some imagined injustice the other day, he declared that he was changing her "she" status to "he" status.  She nearly cracked up over that one. He's quite the pistol.  And he's our most continual entertainment here at home.  There's a large, pink rubbery, stretchy frog toy that he's affectionately named "Seaweed."  Little Britches is highly incensed if we chuckle or tease about "Seaweed's" abilities to do things.  I've been admonished for insensitivity.  "Grandma, you not bein' nice.  You hurt "Seaweed's feelings."  His comments were accompanied by a very sad demeanor and tone of voice.  I did have to muffle another chuckle.  I did not want to bring wrath down upon my head, if you know what I mean.  Seaweed has been known to lash out from time to time.  Not sure if said frog intends malevolence, but the little guy slinging him around by one appendage or another knows the damage said rubber amphibian can create when wielded in that manner. 

Big sister, Miss Noodle, started 1st grade last Friday.  She's happy and doing well in her own reading skills and though complaining loud and long about the injustices of the huge workload at school AND having to do homework as well . . . was delighted to learn that she could accomplish said homework assignments in 5 minutes.  Mom and Grandma encouraged her to contemplate the great rewards diligence and hard work provide and the corollary that lack thereof has its own deleterious effects.  Mom also tried to soften the blow by telling her daughter that she (Mom) had her own pile of homework, homework that would take many times more than 5 tiny minutes.

I miss being in school.  I always loved learning--formally--though I must admit I did complain about some of the teachers I had to cope with along the way.  For the most part, I loved many of my instructors, and as an older student about 13 years ago, I found a lot more common ground with them.  I still learn what I can about a lot of things, and don't ever plan to stop!  There's so much more I want to know!!!

And because of the late hour, I think I will do a little reading and then hit the sack.  Nite, all!

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