Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Weather News. (Yippy Skippy.)

A very welcome change in the excessive heat wave (that has smitten us for a few weeks) occurred yesterday.  We had rain.  Indeed we did.  Nearly a whole inch--dumped unceremoniously in probably 30 minutes, I think. (And dropped the temperature to a more easily tolerated temperature around the low to mid 70s last night!  *sigh* :-) )

You can't imagine (or maybe you can) what an inch of rain can accomplish to an otherwise parched and dying lawn.  (Despite our attempts to keep it watered and still be able to buy groceries.)  When I walked outside this morning the grass was a lovely, lively GREEN (not crunchy, faded, nearly-brown green).  AND, it had grown a good 1/2 to 1 inch.  It did, too!  It didn't need mowing on Friday morning.  But this morning.  Um hm.  It did.  Does.  The rest of the vegetation on the property looks equally refreshed, if not growing at such a phenomenal rate.  Rain is good for the soul.  I like it.  I'm grateful for it--especially when it's not flooding the country side--but enough to freshen and enliven life all around.  Except for the obnoxious insect population.

Besides, I think the heat index was back up to 106 F this afternoon. Proof that both sides of the coin still exist in nature.

Okay, okay.  Along with the blessings come the trails.  I mean trials.  Kind of like the corollary, "along with the trials come the blessings."  It does seem to work both ways.  Though maybe not expressly that close together time-wise.

I'm closing this now.  Before I sound more like a space cadet than I do now, at this moment.

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