Monday, April 12, 2010

The Hunt Is ON!

I see more! (Wonder if I can beat anyone else to these over here?)
You gotta be fast!
(I think I inadvertently bleeped a photo? How did I do that?)
We're making progress!

There are some eggs hiding up here? Really?

Did I find the last one?

Mom's on monitoring duty. Look at my haul!!!

Gotta keep my eyes pealed for any more possible eggs.

We didn't do too bad, now, did we?

Huh? I'm not so sure I got an equal share.


Mary Paddock said...

Aww! Very cute. 'Love the shot of the little guy spotting the egg on top of the slide. I miss celebrating Easter with little people.

Pencil Writer said...

Wow, Mary! Your comment finally moved from an old email to my actual blog! Wonder why and where it went during the past week? *Twilight Zone music in the background.*;-}