Monday, March 22, 2010


Had a BIG surprise this morning . . . Just after I got the grandchildren on the bus for school this morning, I was minding my own business--trying to press my dear husband's shirt--when the doorbell rang. Awfully early for someone to be ringing the doorbell, I thought, but hey. You never know.

I opened the door and Officer Freeman, of the local constabulary, was standing on the front porch, his associate sitting in the patrol car parked on the street just in front of the house. Shock, I'm sure, covered my face--and deepened when Officer F said, "We're responding to a 911 call from your phone." His companion (another really nice police officer--I'm sorry I forgot his name) got out of the cruiser and waved.

Ahhh. Errrr. Hmmm? And then I remembered: Husband has to do the "over-the-phone-line" heart/pacemaker/defibrillator transmission every so often, and today was the day. I didn't remember that the handy-dandy hook-up is hooked directly into the phone jack. I had connected a corded phone with the jack to replace the cordless one we normally use. I checked for a dial tone, and apparently, without any thought of what I was pushing, dialed "911"! Silly me. The corded phone was new to me and didn't have a "end" button where cordless phones do. The button to click was on the cradle not on the hand-held receiver. Where is my brain???? (If someone finds it, please return it. Okay?)

My dear, beloved husband can't stop laughing at me. Hey! I was just trying to help! Him! Stop laughing! Please?

Okay. I hear you guys out there, too. Who woulda thought?

The upside . . . I know if I ever DO HAVE a real 911 emergency, they'll be johnny-on-the-spot! There is comfort in that.

Honey, will you PLEASE stop laughing at me?

I'm sure that by now he's telling all his friends at work what a wonderful wife he has. Whada ya bet?


Mary Paddock said...

I won't laugh at you (much). You might remind your dear husband that you have lots of stories on him that you have (thus far) kept to yourself.

We've had two accidental calls from our home that brought cops to our doorstep. Both times it was small boys playing with the phone.

BUSH BABE said...

Classic!!! Can feel his laughter from here...