Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Feet Are Cold

This is Sunday evening. It snowed today. Apparently we've finally reached the high temperature of the day--at nearly 9:30 pm--38 degrees. I don't know if the gale force winds are still blowing or not. Probably not. (And "gale force" might be a slight exaggeration.)

Friday--just two days ago--it was a glorious Spring/Summer day. The sky was beautiful and clear. The temperature was about 78 degrees (F). It was super! The grandkids enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. Grandpa enjoyed it. Mom enjoyed it. It was simply GREAT!

Yesterday the high was about 65 degrees. The clouds began moving in with gusting, cooler wind. Our forecast (yesterday) for today indicated a possibility of snow. Then the forecast changed sometime yesterday evening. The forecast high for today was 47 degrees. Rain and possible thunderstorms were also included--with a low of 31 or 33, something.

When I walked out to the car to go to Church this morning, there were tiny little specks of snow falling randomly about. One really had to look to see them. The wind blew in Arctic blasts, knifing through me and making my teeth chatter--figuratively, of course. Remember now, snow had been removed from the forecast. And our high was supposed to be 47. Right.

At home after Church, I was encouraged to "fire up" the fireplace, which I did. Our 2 yo grandson was all about trying to help. (Why are there so many pyromaniacs in my family?) It felt nice once it (the fire) got up and going, thank Heaven. My husband tended it off and on to keep our frozen little bodies warmer.

I think the temp managed to get as far as 36 with a windchill of like 28. Around 2 pm the snow decided to actually try to imitate the real thing and make larger flake-like particles that swirled around more thickly. It went on and on. It quit around supper time. I'm still cold, especially my feet. I think I'll make a cup of hot cocoa and try to warm up.

Tomorrow the prediction is for a high of 66 degrees. I'm not holding my breath or anything, but it would be a nice change! How do you plan to start a garden in this schizo kinda weather?

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