Monday, March 22, 2010

A Different Surprise

Well, lo, and behold . . . the temperature has reached 67 degrees at 3 something this afternoon. We be onna rolla-coaster, y'all. Hopes we's all up fer da ride!

It is another BEAUTIFUL day. Glory be.

Whut eva will t'marra bring???


Debby said...

Yeah, we're looking for the temps to drop and chance of rain mixed with snow. I'm just the slightest bit whiney about this, but I'm trying to be brave.

Strangely, I cannot remember how to spell temperture. Temprature? What?!!! Must. Have. More. Coffee.

Pencil Writer said...

Must be that psychology instructor sucked all your spelling brains out, huh? 's Okay. We know what you mean. Hope your "rain mixed with snow" doesn't turn into freezing rain and all the destruction that can cause, but something prettier that has little negative impact.

Have fun at Brianna's wedding!

jeanie said...

I have no idea about Farenheit when it isn't represented as a baking figure!! Is that good? Warm(er)?

Starting to get a bit coolish here.