Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Dental Tools

Look what I found! I was browsing the "Toothbrush/Toothpaste" aisle a few days ago and found this nifty little box of "dental tools." I think this container of 8 "brush/picks" cost around $3.00. I have several crowns (on my molars) and a bridge, so I'm constantly having issues with food getting uncomfortably stuck between my teeth. I've carried dental floss with me for years to dislodge the offending bits of food and use it quickly after eating. But, I'm always searching for something more easily managed.

Before going to bed last night, I thought: you've got this new tool, why not try it out? So, I did. I like it! I've not yet worked on the "brush" part yet, but I shall. I think the "brush" end will work more easily on the backs of teeth spaces than the "pick" end did for me.

According to label instructions, these nifty little tools can be rinsed after use and replaced (I believe they mean discarded) when the bristles are worn. AND, as you can see, they come in a convenient little plastic case (with a small mirror on the back of the case--which I didn't make available for you to see. Sorry.) to tuck in a pocket or purse for when you're on the go.

So, check it out. I'm really excited that someone (over at DenTek I'm guessing) came up with this ingenious package of dental tools!


BrioII said...

Try a Gripit Floss Holder - www.gripit.biz - to dislodge particles from between your teeth. These handy devices come with their own floss supply and are pre-threaded for instant use. New floss can be advanced in seconds.

Jamie Lynn said...

Have you tried brytonpick? They work great and are easy to carry. I have some of the same issues as you, have a look at their website...