Friday, January 16, 2009

The Black Eye Is Gone

Yeah, today, officially, the "black eye" is G O N E, gone. There's still a lingering little red "dot" under my right eye, but the big, yucky, purple/blue/orangey/yellow-green with brown under and over tones is nowhere to be seen. I was even brave enough to dispense with the "cover-up" foundation stuff (which I hate using on a regular day anyway) and went out in public w/o anticipating anyone looking at me with those "knowing" looks or, someone that I know--and don't see often asking (as one acquaintance did a couple of weeks ago) "What happened to your eye?!!!

I still have a warped left eyebrow bone that is a little tender. My nose still has an extra bulge or knot or something that is still tender to touch, but it looks pretty "normal" too, so... I'm thankful. Funny thing, however: I received a tetanus (+other stuff) shot at the ER on Christmas--I suppose one of those unexpected Christmas presents, you know. Well, the nurse got me good. There was no mandatory band aid applied after the injection, and since they'd already pumped (OK, dripped at super-fast speed) a liter of fluid into me (same arm) the nurse caused a gusher. I had on two different shirts and the blood spot I later found on the "under shirt" was soaked in a silver-dollar sized spot and the top shirt was soaked with two smaller, but not by much, spots of (by the time I discovered them) dried blood.

With all that horrendously long explanation, as of today, I still have a bruise at the injection site that's about 2.5 inches long and maybe .5 inches wide. Cool. Huh. (Rolls eyes.)

Just thought you'd want to know how things are going.

Grateful that's the worst of the deal. I can come and go if-n-when and I'm only a slight bit ditzier than before Christmas. (For some reason both my husband and I seem to have this residual light-headedness since the "BUG" came to visit.)

I'm sure you have far more interesting things happening around your houses. Like Mary at Jumping Off Cliffs with no heater working and frost-bite weather at her home. Mary, I wish I could share my fireplace (with the nice fire in it right now) with you guys. I am so grateful we bought a fireplace insert when we bought this house. And I'm also VERY GRATEFUL for the firewood we've been supplied with from some great friends. (We did burn up all the rest of our mighty fallen oak--quite some time ago.)

Y'all take care and don't freeze out there.


Mary Paddock said...

I'm so glad the eye is better. I can imagine what living with it must have been like. You probably wished you had a really good story about what the other guy looked like.

I wish we could take you up on the offer. :)

Scribbit said...

I'm glad it's healing--nothing like a black eye to make you feel like everyone's staring