Friday, January 23, 2009

All Over the Map

Weather. Hmmmm. I suspect that most folks in most locations (USA and much of the rest of the world) are experiencing temperatures and precipitation that is "all over the map." Am I right? Places that are normally cold are experiencing warmer than usual temperatures (at least occasionally). Places that are normally warm are experiencing cooler than usual temperatures (at least occasionally).

For instance: Wednesday this week our high was 57 F/low 26 F
Thursday our high was 74/low 34
Today (Friday) our high is 73/low (predicted) 51
Tomorrow (Saturday) predicted temps are high 51/low 35

Now I don't know how anyone else feels but I'm getting a bit of whiplash. I'm NOT going to ask "what next?" because I firmly believe that our Good Maker will be kind enough to show us (me) just what next might be. (I'm sincerely hoping we have no tsunamis come this far inland. The Gulf of Mexico is more than 100 miles from here. And I hope it stays that way!) I pray we have no freezing rain storms. We experienced that--including no power which corresponded with NO HEAT--for 3 days and nights of 14 degree high temperatures--a little over 20 years ago. I tolerate cold less well now than then. I'm praying for no more hurricanes for a while, too. We've had enough for me (and a host of others who suffered far more than I) for several years. Haven't had a recognizable earthquake around here--at least that I know of--and that's good, too! Fortunately, the ones I experienced in Utah, California and Japan were minor by comparison to what we've recently heard about in other countries.

I'm trying not to complain--only to point out the strange weather behavior--which, for some, wreaks havoc on the health of a large number of people.

Now, not entirely changing subjects, but has anyone ever noticed how the thermostat reading in your home seems incongruous with the outside temperature readings?

What I mean is: IF we set our thermostat to 70 degrees F and the outside temperature is, say, 25 degrees, it simply doesn't feel like 70 degrees in the house! It doesn't feel at all like being outside in 70 degree weather--which I happen to really enjoy! NO! When it's 20's or 30's cold outside and 70 degrees inside, I have to bundle up in several layers and cover up with blankets, quilts, afghans, etc. Then equally disconcerting, is when the very same thermostat is set to the same 70 degree F setting and it's 95 (or more) degrees outside. Again it doesn't feel like the same 70 degrees when it was 25 degrees outside! The ceiling fans will be on, I'll be dressed in far fewer layers of clothing; blankets, etc. will be no where close to me and I'll be wiping perspiration from my brow! (And just to let you know, most of the time in the summer months we do keep the thermostat closer to 78-80 degrees.)

Just as an aside, my husband has continually contested the accuracy of any and all thermostats wherever we happen to be. Just to check the accuracy of our own, I've invested in several other little room thermometers. Unfortunately for his perspective, they all agree. He's convinced they're all wrong. Yes, each and every one of them. I'm convinced it has something to do with perceived temperature and actual temperature. Then, top that with what level of physical activity we're experiencing at any given moment.

And that's not to mention hot flashes. They're an entirely different entity. If you experience them, you know what I'm talking about. If not, well . . . Maybe one day you'll be so blessed to have first hand experience. For you, I hope it is a brief encounter. My stint with this blessing has been on-going for more than 20 years, if I remember accurately. Let's see: My young son is almost 22. The hot flashes started not long after his birth . . . My OB said, "Naw. Not hot flashes--you're just about 40 and having to run after a toddler. That's all." I'm afraid that explanation doesn't hold water now. Actually, it didn't then either, as far as I was concerned!

So, just to be sure you understand: I'm not complaining about the weather. It will ALWAYS change. Sooner or later, it will change. Residents in several locals will say, "Hey, if you don't like the weather here, just wait five minutes." It's all good! I'm still smilin'--and because it's so warm today, my smile isn't frozen on my face. Either.

Blessings to all you who are freezing as well as to all you who are melting with the weather you're currently experiencing. I promise, it will change. Sometime! Don't know when, but it will change!


Bush Babe said...

Ah weather... the all-time great conversation starter! Our weather currently (keep in mind I cannot talk Farenheit, although I CAN talk feet and inches... which is not useful at the moment!)... is hot and steamy and trying to rain. We have about 32 degrees centigrade and about 85% humidity. Mushrooms are sprouting up left right and centre! Which is a great improvement on parched and hot (like Christmas-time!).

Pencil Writer said...

BB, I'm going to conquer this temperature conversion thing if I can. Let's see there's a website that will do it for me, or . . . I can go get one of the little thermometers and look at it for approximate correlation--it nicely has both readings! Looks like 32C is about 90F. So my 75F is like 23C of something like that! So, our 25F is like your -4C. Maybe I should try to link to the page that will make conversion easier!

Mushrooming in the steamy conditions is always rather interesting. Every year we seem to grow a different variety. Who knows where the spores come from!

Hope you get the much needed rain. And that it will quell the steamy misery that preceeds it.

jeanie said...

Pencil Writer - I have a handy dandy weather thing on my desktop and I can flick from farenheit to celcius!

Right now it is grey, hot, steamy with occasional downpours that merely feed the steam. It is 8.16am and 76F/24C.

We are, quite literally, watching the grass grow.