Saturday, November 1, 2008

Someone's Unhappy!

Here are the grandparents. And here are the grandchildren. One of the grandchildren isn't exactly thrilled with what was going on at the moment. I know you needed that clarification, since it's not self-evident. I don't even remember what upset him. Perhaps it was that when he finally got out of the stroller he wasn't allowed to get into the piles of fallen leaves as his siblings had just been doing--and having a great lot of fun doing so.

Youngest of the grandchildren is often disappointed when he tries to play with the "big kids." It's totally unfair as far as I'm concerned, too!

So, this picture proves that we did actually get to spend a little time with our daughter's family, including said grandchildren. It was great. It was COLD and windy. We'd come from 80 degree temps to 60 something degrees during daylight to 30 something degree nights. Older generation has an adjustment gap there, you know, with extreme temp changes. 50 degree temp differential is not particularly kind on aching knee, back and elbow joints to those over 50 years old. At least, those two folks pictured above.

We do have happier pictures of the distraught youngster, this being one.

He's happy being in Mom's arms.

Grandma and Grandpa are very grateful they got to visit with this family. Dad (to the three adorable children, husband to the lovely daughter) was busy working most of the time we were taking pictures. You'll have to wait for a picture of him.


Debby said...

Which one was the unhappy child? Let me go back. Maybe I did not look closely enough.

Mary Paddock said...

Oh boy! He was hot (emphasis on mad), wasn't he? LOL. It's a great shot, even with the understandably annoyed toddler. (Hey! I'd have been shoutin' mad too if I was kept from playing in the leaves just because they wanted to take a dumb ol picture!)