Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nests and Nesting

Just a short post.

When I was posting pictures of Bird Nests, I was thinking of my Mother, who recently had to go to the hospital. She's okay, but she had a difficult experience over the weekend. The gist of the whole things is: she will have to change her nesting habits in the very near future. (My stepfather died almost 10 years ago--and we all miss him more than I can say, just so you know.) As most older individuals, Mom's wanted things to be as they have been (more or less) and resisted some necessary changes. (Heck! We as mortals often seem to resist change in our lives here!) But, since her "difficult experience" she may have had a change of heart/understanding as to the benefits of having daily care requirements met differently now.

So, the "nests" of previous post were a little symbolic for me as I posted. Prayers of gratitude ascend (and have been ascending) in her behalf long before and are now increased and multiplied. We (and she) are blessed that her "experience" was no more traumatic than it was and that good things are following the 'not-so-good'.

As my Mom's mother used to tell us all: "Don't grow old." Grandma would say that with all the sincerity of her heart, then smile and give us a hug. She'd broken her hip like 10 or 15 years before she died, and was 96 years old when she died. She eventually lost most of her ability to walk--because she didn't want to use a cane!!!


jeanie said...

It is so sad when someone who was independent gets their choices taken away.

I remember my grandma went down with alzheimers. She was able to walk after a hip replacement against all fears - mainly because she forgot she had broken it and it hurt.

Mandy said...

Hello I talked with my mom tonight and she said they went to go see grandma. Sad to hear what happened to hear but happy to hear that she is still with us all whether we be near or far.