Friday, November 7, 2008

Fun Friday Fotos

Getting ready for Church and related difficulties.
Oh, Grandpa, I feel so . . . weird . . . and . . . out of focus . . .
I'm also pretty sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I don't like standing still.
Ha, ha! NOW I feel better! And check out my big sister's sparkly shoes!

This is Big Sister. She loves me. Even though I do torment her sometimes.
(You know, it's a little brother's job to do that.)

Grandpa, see! This is one of my most cherished toys. It's a little parrot.

Well, I tried to keep my shirt tucked in, but it just won't stay.

See! So what's a guy supposed t' do, anyway? Huh?


Bush Babe said...

Too cute... grandkids must be doted on, hey PW??

Debby said...

I'm kind of impressed by the little teeny tiny parrot. At that age, my kids would have needed someone standing close by every second. They'd've been popping it in their mouths every second.

chinimi is my word verification. Isn't that the song from Mary Poppins?

Trish said...

very cute grandkids- great genes !

Pencil Writer said...

BB--thanks. Grandkids are pretty fun!
Debby--I know your concerns. Somehow they've seemed to avoid the worst of those mouthing disasters to date. And Yes, Mary Poppins did sing about chinimi ...

trish: thanks, and double thanks!

We get to see those cute kids again for Thanksgiving! Wow! Have I got some work to do!