Tuesday, June 17, 2008

This and That Tuesday

Took some more pictures of some of flowers/plants around the house, so I'll share.

This is my daughter's rose fully opened, as you see!
It smells so good! It's so delicate and gorgeous!
My ONE mandavilla flower this year. The color, however, is not true in this picture. I don't have the photoshop software to make it better. The REAL color is a deeper red--not fushia at all--and the throat is deep yellow, not orange.

Last Christmas's poinsettias. Don't they look GREAT?

See the spider toward the right side of the picture? It isn't quite in focus like I'd hoped, but you can see a little of it and its great zigzaggy web.

We've been painting (and of course cleaning first) and having quite a lot of fun in the process. When we get a little further along, I'll maybe take some pictures to let you see the results. It was LONG overdue--like 22+ years since I papered and painted last. I know. Reprehensible.
But, thus it is. So, we're in the process.

My youngest daughter--the one moved home in May--is quite the workaholic when it comes to getting a place in order, de-cluttered, and looking quite good. She's very quiet, but just works a person into the ground! In a good way! I need someone like that to get me working on things I should--and don't usually. I'm such a procrastinator, and a lazy person, to boot.
Sorry to have to divulge such indiscretions in black and white.

At any rate, tonight at church (for the women) I've been asked to demonstrate how to make flour tortillas. I had the audacity to mention to some of the sisters at a previous meeting that tortillias were quite simple, and could be made with stored wheat, if you had no yeast to make regular bread.
Since I haven't made them in some years, I decided to try some at home first. Glad I did that. My first tortillas didn't look so great. But they got better as I continued.
We'll see how it goes during the demo.


Alison said...

WOW! PW that rose is just stunning!

Pencil Writer said...

Thank you for your comments! It was just so beautiful! God blesses us with so many simple, beautiful gifts each and every day.

Amy said...

Nice pictures mom!