Thursday, June 5, 2008

Girly Meme Tagged

I was tagged again. This time by Alison at

Like others in the chain of this meme are not great fans of wearing makeup, I’m right there with ya’ except for the fact that I have NO color in eyebrows or eyelashes. The only color I have in my face, other than the changeable blue of my eyes, are freckles. Oh, and the occasional flush of hot-flashes. (Such a blessing, let me tell ya’!) But, because I married wisely and my handsome husband has dark hair, dark eyebrows and lashes—all four of my children have DARK eyelashes and brows—which I envy. I do wear some makeup sometimes because as someone once said, “Even a barn looks better with a coat of paint.” Yep, I hope I don’t look like a barn—with/without paint!


Don’t much like the stuff. Minimal and occasional use is limited to mask dark circles under eyes or cover red blotchy spots (when they crop up) and freckles for greater sunscreen protection. Only wear it if/when I don’t want to scare the natives, or anyone else. I’ve used Mary Kay #1, greasy kind of foundation (they stopped manufacturing/selling this specific product some years ago) so I’ve got about ¼ teaspoon left. I’m looking for a substitute :( ifanwhen I need it.


I do use the black/brown or is it brown/black color? Makes me look less anemic. I haven’t found a favorite even after all these years!

Day Cream:

Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizer with sunscreen. Even in the VERY humid southern climate where I reside, my rather dry skin requires moisturizing. When I lived or do go visit much dryer desert-like locales, I have serious dry-skin issues and require greater and richer amounts of moisturizer. My grandmother told me many, many years ago to “moisturize your face EVERY day/night, no matter the time of year, financial situation or whatever. You can use Crisco on your face if you have to, but moisturize daily!” Eeeewwwww. But hey! She lived to be 93 and her facial skin looked pretty good!

Essential Beauty Product:

I love Alison’s from Three Times Kewl: Laughter. I’ll add smiles because they are so closely related. I think the best thing any face can/should wear is a genuine, heartfelt smile. Old or young, bond or free, white or black or anything between, smiles reign as the MOST beautiful and essential beauty product!

OH! Thinking of my grandmother again: Don’t smoke! Her younger sister did and she looked so many years older than my grandmother! I’ve noticed the same thing in others, too. Smoking does bad stuff to your everything.


I like what some others wear—lavendery or rosy scents. Don’t wear the stuff any more as a rule. Do love the subtly pungent fragrance of white ginger flowers, however, and want one in my hair or close by when and if I catch them in bloom. They are one of my (many) favorite flowers grown here at home.


I’m adding this one because I think a woman’s hair should be shiny and healthy and frame/compliment her face well. This is the one thing I feel really blessed to possess. (Gotta take the good with the bad, right?) I was born a strawberry-blond, which I guess is one of the more unique natural hair colors around. I’m not bragging, of course. ;-} (Even so, I’ve always been jealous of people with rich, dark brown, glossy hair—like my husband. Oh, he has fine hair! It is a really great ‘salt and pepper’ color now, which I also really like! AND I’m glad I’m his barber of choice.) As I have aged, I think my hair is my best feature—something to do with the fact that in recent years I've had complete strangers (other women) in various places (cities not close to home) come up to me and compliment my hair color and style. It amazes me that people do that—and it makes me feel good. It’s unsolicited, and they’re not trying afterwards to sell me something. Now that I’m nearly 60 years old, you can probably imagine that I have lots of white mixed in with the original color. It’s true. Now I think of my hair color as “silver and gold.” And it’s majorly easy to deal with. I wash and crème rinse with Aussie brand shampoo and conditioner, blow it dry a couple of minutes and it’s good for a couple of days. It’s got just enough body that it curves to my desire—most of the time.


Been blessed to have good strong nails. Keep them trimmed most of the time, but don’t mind them being long—if they’re filed and smooth. CAN'T STAND wearing fingernail polish! It just drives me crazy and I peal it off usually the same day applied—IF it gets applied. As to toenails—I will admit to wearing red or much more neutral polish during the summer. That I don’t mind and think it looks pretty good.


Not particularly lovely. They’re not small, but have long fingers, freckles, noticeable blue veins and freckles. (Did I already mention freckles?) Require a LOT of moisturizing lotion. I use several kinds—whatever is handy, though I do like Banana Boat and Vaseline Intensive care, healing kind of stuff. My hands don’t react well to dishwashing detergent and lots of time in dishwater, which I insist on being hot. (My father was a fanatic about steamy dishwater. Must have rubbed off on me.) Something in that mix makes my skin dry up and peel off. In winter, particularly, or in desert climes, my hands will crack deeply and hurt. Then I use lanoline rich kinds of moisturizers, if I can find them. (Once long ago, I carded and spun raw sheep wool. Now that stuff was rich with lanoline—but didn’t smell the greatest!)


Like others mentioned before me, my feet love their freedom! In the house I run barefoot mostly. I will, however, add little socks or slippers when they get cold. Sports shoes are worn ONLY when absolutely necessary for protection. They make my feet too hot and confined. I wear flip-flops – casual or dressy when trekking about to town, etc. I do have some soft slip-ons that I wear when the weather requires. I have to use a pumice stone and lotion nearly year-round to keep my heels in check. The dry skin monster attacks them regularly.

Three Products to Bring on a Deserted Island:

Drinking water—another of those essentials for good health and lookin’ good.
Scriptures—can’t do without good reading material. Scriptures never get boring however many times I’ve read them.
Lots, loads, tons of Moisturizing Sunscreen

Women I admire for their beauty:

My mother is a beautiful woman. My mother-in-law. My daughters, all three of them and my one granddaughter. And many others. I think women who value high moral standards and love and serve those around them are the most beautiful women.

Women with the best sense of style:

My mother-in-law—though she’s no longer in this life—would be on that list. My own dear mother, would not. Great fashion style is not her great gift. Unconditional love is hers, so maybe I better put her here. And then, my youngest daughter is our personal fashion consultant in the family. She has her own style and has for many years. Others would like to copy her style, but just don’t carry if off as well.

How do I define womanhood:

Womanhood is one of the greatest of God’s gifts. What greater potential for good is there in the human race than that of a woman? Who else is so richly endowed with creativity—the bearing and raising of children, or compassionately, tenderly ministering to the needs of others—than those who bear the gift of womanhood? In no way should womanhood diminish the role of manhood. Together, men and women, who work together to make this world a better place for everyone, is the pinnacle of human endeavor. Families are the stronghold of society, and women can and should reign as queens—life-giving, hard working, nurturing, loving, exemplary, righteous queens—in their homes and families equal to, though differently endowed than their husbands—if married. Rich and vibrant are each of the roles of men and women, separate and grand their potential to compliment and magnify each other’s individual gifts and talents.

Favorite Fashion Publication:

Scriptures: Particularly Proverbs 31:10-31

Now the question is: Do I measure up? Not yet. But, I’m workin’ on it!

So I must pass on the TAG to MEME. Hmmm? Who shall it be? Jeanie might tag her sister, Bush Babe, or not. But, I can! And do! Bush Babe at Granite Glen and my daughter Amy at Bugs in the Desert.

I’m going to close my eyes now and push the buttons to make this magically appear on my blog. My fingers are crossed, I’m hopin’ I don’t mess up, three, two, one ……


Alison said...

3, 2, 1, HOORAY!
Loved reading your answers, PW :-)

jeanie said...

Well done! And yes, you beat me to the punch on my sister, so I will have to find another - that's okay though, as I have a few on my reader that I would like to know their take on this.

Anonymous said...

I have not yet read one of these memes that actually feature a girly girl. (Probably because I don't read girly girl blogs, either). What a fun read. Thanks :)