Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Heapin' Tablespoon or Cup Of and Relativity

I saw something on the back of a car that I thought said "heapin' " something or the other and that greased the cogs of my brain--what few there are left, anyway--to think about the relativity of how good or not a heapin' of something might be. Such as:

I'd love a heapin' tablespoon of homemade fudge icing--all by itself,
but not a heapin' tablespoon of Tabasco Sauce.
I'd love a heapin' cup of homemade Chicken Corn Chowder,
but not a heapin' cup (or any other amount) of boiled peanuts.
I'd love a heapin' tablespoon of whipped cream--to add to my fresh strawberries,
but not a heapin' tablespoon of dried squid for anything.
I'd love a heapin' cup of freshly dried lavender to refresh a room,
but not a heapin' cup (or even a scant teaspoon) of live fire ants.
(Those suckers are way too plentiful out here, and HURT if they bite, etc.)
I'd love a heapin' tablespoon of fresh Cilantro--for any number of yummy Tex-Mex dishes,
but not a heapin' tablespoon of Chutney.
These are only a slight sampling of possibilities. I may cogitate awhile and see if I can come up with some others. In the mean time, if you think of anything to add to the list of relativity, please be my guest and share wha'cha got!
I'd love a heapin' cup full of great comparisons from the 3-5 readers I have stop by!


debby said...

I'd love a heaping pile of freshly washed and folded laundry. I seriously don't want a heaping pile of unwashed laundry. Guess what I got a heaping pile of? And we're talking substantially more than a tablespoon OR a cup.


I'd love a heaping cup of cappuccino with a thick layer of foam, but would NOT love a heaping cup of whipped foam WITHOUT the caffeine. (gak)

jeanie said...

lol Debby - the only thing I was thinking was I'd love a basket of cash but not a basket of laundry!!! But yep, washed and folded trumps unwashed any day!!

I know I need a heaping box of enthusiasm for a job I currently hold an empty box for!!! Off to the office to declutter for me...

Pencil Writer said...

Debby, No kidding! Who EVER wants a heaping pile of dirty laundry? Have you ever tried to tally up the cost of everything associated with keeping our clothes clean? I haven't because those little cogs in my head get all befuddled when I think of the price of laundry detergent, water softener--we have way too much iron in our water, hence dingy, yellowy, rusty looking whites--fabric softener, and that's not even touching the price of the washing machine/dryer and repair bills associated therewith, not the power (gas/electricity) to keep them cleaning, or the water, or the laundry room (or back porch for some folks) to house the contraptions in, in the first place. Man! I can see $$$$$$ all over the place--except where I'd like them. Yeah. I could use a heaping wallet full of $$$$. But, realistically, ain't gonna happen. So, I'll settle for a heapin' pile of dreams--about CLEAN, folded, ironed, laundry.

Jeanie--I'll throw a heapin' cup or box or two of enthusiasm your way for that job. I know how working at something you lack enthusiasm for kinda stinks.

To you both, thanks for sharing your heapin' relativities! May you both be blessed with a heapin' pile of hugs and, dare I say, kisses from the one you love? I could go for something like that myself. ;-}

Bush Babe (of Granite Glen) said...

Heaping is not a word used regularly Down Under... but I like it!

I'd love a heaping helping of hugs from my kids...
I don't want a heaping helping of (more) dust in my car!

I'd love a heaping helping of more time to do my bookwork (and the enthusiasm to accompany)
I don't want a heaping helping of more bills to arrive in the next mail!!

And I'd also love a heaping truckload of energy to face the mountain of school holiday jobs and activities and visitors ... can anyone say avalanche??