Sunday, June 6, 2010

Look Who Came to Grandma's

This precious little package, "Baby Cakes" according to her three cousins, came to visit along with her Mom and Dad a couple of weeks ago.
None of us will be the same! She was just delightful.

Little Britches here is trying to share his most favorite lovey with her. That's a serious indicator of his affection for this tiny, sweet cousin of his. And his big sister, Miss Noodle, loved every opportunity afforded her to "mother" her baby cousin with loads of affection.

See how happy Miss Noodle is to "babysit"?

Grandma will never be a professional photographer because she clicks the shutter just before or after the cutest expressions. These pictures might not do Baby Cakes justice. (And, of course, I'm not prejudiced in my thoughts of how cute and adorable my grandchildren are. Never. Ever.)

Grandpa is performing his familial duty--a tradition of the grandfathers in his family--giving the grandbabies their first chicken bone to gnaw. I've never seen one who didn't relish the treat. It works so well for teething babies. Baby Cakes wanted more. Her Auntie, mother of the older 3 grandchildren, had done such a good job of removing most of the goodies from the bone, that little but great fried chicken flavor was left for BC to enjoy.

"Grandpa, it's yummy. Thanks. But, I want more.
My tummy IS NOT getting full, just so ya know!"

Can you tell how much BC's mom adores her? Well, it pretty much a mutual love.
We can testify that they love each other. Bunches.

Missing male cousin, Young Chef, and BC's daddy are floating around in the picture folders somewhere. I'll try to fish them out one day . . . soon??? Or maybe not so soon. My calendar is so full. But I love them both very much! They just didn't get in front of the camera much.

Currently all grandchildren have left us to weep and wail at their absence. We miss each of them so much when they're gone. The quiet is refreshing, but also a little empty. *Sigh*


BUSH BABE said...

That post was TOOOOOOO cute!!! I bet you visit this one often to get your fill...

Bob said...

Great photos! It's always good when they leave you wanting more . . .