Monday, April 20, 2009

Indefatigable Blue Bird

This is one determined little bird. Isn't he beautiful?

This is the object of his nesting desire . . . it seems. And, don't you just love that word "indefatigable"? Love the way it sounds. And it does clearly describe this little Blue Bird that is still, two hours later, trying to enter my kitchen window. Since he was so persistent, I decided to attempt to capture his hard, though futile, endeavors to find what he apparently considers the best nesting spot.

Here he is as he circumnavigates the yard--trying to avoid me and the camera outside the window.

As I anticipated, having camera in hand--close enough to catch him at the window--spooked him. However, since he was determined to achieve his goal, he simply flew in a circuitous route around the yard/house as I held my ground--camera in hand. I captured him in various spots and he vocalized his displeasure with my presence every moment or two with each new perch.

Since he would not attempt the window with me being 20 feet close, I decide to try from inside. I managed to think of turning off the auto flash feature and actually got several picture of him from less than 2 feet away. Of course. INside, he didn't feel threatened. His mate encouraged him from the wire outside, in plain view of their goal.

Isn't he cute?

I do wish they'd investigate other possibilities. I'm afraid he'll exhaust himself before long.

This is one of my favorite pictures of him, however. Love his tail being splayed out like that.


Kelly said...

Naturally I had to come look at your bluebird pictures when you mentioned them on Debby's blog.

I love that first one of him through the window, visible behind the aloe plant!

Yes, they can be quite persistent creatures when they set their mind to something!

Pencil Writer said...

Kelly, thanks for stopping by. He's been back every day, but doesn't try for hours on end. I'm hoping he seriously finds an appropriate nesting spot. Soon! But I do love having them in the yard and close enough to photo!

Gayla said...

I love bluebirds. Absolutely beautiful! That is a very determined little fella.
Great blog :)