Monday, April 20, 2009

Blue Bird Activity

Ever have a Blue Bird try repeatedly to get in a closed kitchen window? I heard something odd as I walked from the laundry room, through the kitchen to the living room. I stopped, looked at the window over the kitchen sink, saw nothing and decided to poke my head outside the dining room French doors. There were several birds in the trees--this is spring and they are very active. (Heard an owl last night and hear woodpeckers all the time now.)

A few minutes later, while speaking to my husband on the phone, I noticed a bird at the kitchen window screen. It was a Blue Bird--a female with a speckled breast. A minute later I saw a male of the same species sitting on the outside window ledge and looking in. He hopped along the ledge and peeked in between the inside plants growing on the inside ledge. Then he flew off. Either he, or another male, came next and perched on the side of the window and looked in. Over the next couple of minutes--and I can still hear the poor dear--he flew towards the window repeatedly attempting to get in. I opened the French doors again to try to discourage him and found that I startled him away. But then I noticed a bunch of Blue Birds fluttering in the leaves of the nearby oak tree. I figure they're interested in nesting.

I remember similar behavior--the attempts at flying into the kitchen window--from a few years ago. I hope they find suitable housing/nesting facilities. We do have a Blue Bird box attached to the oak tree. I think Blue Birds are some of the most beautiful birds I've ever seen. I'm very grateful we have them in abundance here.

Humming Birds have returned as well and I saw one at the feeder in front of the house yesterday. They are so much fun to watch.

So. What to do to discourage the Blue Bird from attempting to enter my closed kitchen window? Any suggestions? Ever have similar experiences?

If I were Bush Babe of Granite Glen I'd have about sixty-'leven pictures to document this strange event. Wish I were more like her! Sorry I'm not.

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