Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm Back

Just over a week ago I left for my niece's wedding in the Rocky Mountains. I do love the Rocky Mountains, by the way. They were gorgeous, rugged, and topped with snow at various points. My cute little niece was bouncy and bubbly, when not vexed and over-stressed with all the last minute things to do--while patiently giving up seeing her intended for a full week so he could complete his quotas for chosen career field--insurance. He worked like a demon, from what I heard, and it was said that since he rarely slept or shaved over the long ordeal . . . well, he might have looked a little rough. However, by doing so and going above and beyond the required quota of writing policies or whatever, his superiors were most impressed and he got the career path he was shooting for--as I understand it.

In the meantime . . . I slaved over the cake baking chores as best I could while enjoying several hours of visiting with my delightful nephews--brothers of the bride and the parents--my baby sister and her husband. The day before the wedding, I think I racked up close to 14 hours (or more) of cake baking, icing making, cake frosting, ganache making, mumbling and grumbling when the ganache bled through the white frosting/icing whatever you like to call the sticky sweet stuff and had me nearly in tears. I've never combined ganache filling and topping with white iced sides on a cake. Shoot! I've never made a 14" layer (or two together for one tier) kind of layer for a wedding cake before. Have I? Hmmmmm. Let's see. Ummmmm. Maybe. Perhaps the bottom layer of my daughter's carrot cake wedding cake 11 years ago was 15" in diameter. Yes. Maybe so. So, you see, I've never made a 14 incher prior to last Friday. This tier of the cake was a Devil's food, and very moist. The middle tier was only 10" in diameter and a marble cake (2 layers deep) with the same icing and ganache. The top tier (which is kind of misleading, I think. Each tier was resting on a different satin draped pedestal; each pedestal of a different height.) was a white cake with the same treatment as the other two tiers.

Late that night (very late that night--around 11:30 pm) we delivered the cake to the refrigerator at the Church. I was majorly relieved!!!!! And NOTHING fell apart!! It was wonderful!!!

The following day was the wedding. The Maid of Honor came. She was a darling girl and just what the bride needed to assist in calming and directing her for the remainder of the day--at least till the groom took over.

Surly there've been few brides as bouncy, giggly and delighted to be marrying the man of her dreams as my niece. She--and he--radiated--and they couldn't stop kissing each other. Strange behavior, if you ask me. You know, for a newly married couple to just kissy-face all over the place like that. Strange. Very strange. *smirk*

The reception was very lovely. Decorations were elegant. The cake garnered several compliments--which was nice--even if the bride already gushed her thanks. I was very blessed to have participated in the whole thing.

As another bonus, I was able to visit with my Mother, who's birthday was the day before the wedding--another nephew and his lovely wife hosted a party for Mom on Monday. It was well attended and quite enjoyable for all of us. Mom beamed while surrounded by many--though a small portion--of her posterity of over 100 individuals. If I remember correctly (and she remembered correctly) there are closer to 175 grandchildren and great-grandchildren combined.

We experienced snow from Sunday evening through most of Monday. Got around 4-6 inches. It's been quite a while since my last experience with lots of snow!

But now I'm home with storms raging outside of another sort . . . we're under Sever Weather Warnings, Tornado Watches and Warnings. And my throat is sore. And I'm not sure if my migraine ever completely left from last week and yesterday. Anyway, I'm back home and happy.


Debby said...

Should have posted a picture of the cake!

I was wondering where you'd gotten off to.

Pencil Writer said...

Debby--I should have known I wouldn't get it past you to go w/o a pic. I almost posted an adendum to the post, but the electricity was popping off and on during my trying to post--we were under a tornado watch--silly me! But felt I'd better shut down before my computer blew! Another niece of mine was the Wedding Photographer. When she gets through with finals, she said she'll send me some pics. Thanks for asking!

jeanie said...

Waah - I also want the picture.

Amazing that your mum has 176 direct descendants!

Pencil Writer said...

Jeanie--I honestly don't know how many the total number is. I should mom (who had 8 children) married a man who had 7 children. We never used the term "step" and don't feel that way about each other--which is pretty awesome. My bloodline siblings and their offspring total 45 with a couple more on the way. My other brothers and sisters were a little more prolific than Mom's, at least one brother has 8 children and a host of grandchildren, another sister had 9, also with a host of grandchildren and the list goes on. But Mom did say she thought the count of grand children was nearing 175. That's a whole lot a folks, and we're scattered over the globe. Since Fay (our, dare I say stepfather?) died 10 years ago, we've never all gotten together in one group. In fact, at Fay's funeral, there were over 100 of the 2nd and 3rd generation attending. And that wasn't all of us!!! And, just so you know, Fay hated his first name, but he was absolutely one of the finest men I've ever know. You and Bush Babe could relate--he was a true blue cowboy. I can't tell you how much I love and miss that man!

Another factoid--my children and nieces and nephews did NOT know that my Mom and Fay weren't the blodd parents of all 15 of us kids! One of my daughters says she thinks we're the best blended family she's ever know about. But that was the plan when the parents married.