Monday, March 30, 2009

Heer's Da Cake

My sweet niece, Corrine, emailed me these fine pictures last night--despite the fact that she's probably still preparing for finals--(college student, you know).
I'm so glad to have the slaving in the kitchen done. All the technical problems solved and completed. And, to make it even more worthwhile, I got a very nice compliment from someone who attended the reception, via my sister:
"So, who did Shalise's wedding cake? I have a birthday coming up soon."

I chuckled when my sister told me and said,
"You can tell him, 'Sure! My sister would be happy to make your cake--if you want to fly her back out here!" She and I both laughed.

PS. I didn't do the flowers. The lady that did the decorating (of the room) did those. I could have, and have done so in the past--but we must give credit to those who earn it! I think she did a lovely job and was glad I could tell her so in person.


jeanie said...

Wow - they are truly gorgeous, PW!! I love the icing effect.

Corrine said...

they are beautiful and man, did they taste good too!!!! :)